Friday, December 18, 2009

Why couldn't he have just been gay?

I think I know the answer to this, but I must ask anyway. Your single and your an Atheist. You go out clubbin' one night with your friends. Some handsome devil catches your eye. You share a few stories, laughs and a couple glasses of your favorite adult beverage. Your girlfriends are all giddy for you. He's soooooo cute. Then the SOB invites you to church. Do you give him your digits before he leaves.

Guys, same story only it's a hot Christian chick.

Later, feen


  1. How big are her tits and which Church?

  2. I'm married. So too bad, I guess I couldn't save her. lol.

  3. Come on Tristan, it's the internet, and a hypothetical at that. [Don't tell my wife...]

  4. Ginx

    I hope that answer was offensive for Atheists as well as Christians. That was rude and I wont dignify that response with an answer.

    But if I did let's just say Church of Christ and pretty big?


  5. Nope..... Certainly not. Absolutely not, under no circumstances.
    There are many hot people out there. It will never work.

  6. We don't have to act like kids might wander over here. You don't write about Twilight or Spongebob or whatever kids are into these days.

    I dated an Episcopalion priest's daughter for years, and my wife's father is technically a rabbi (though not a pulpit rabbi).

    Sometimes it's weird if someone brings up religion unprovoked, but I imagine the comment would be made to me after a long discussion on religion. Someone's faith has never stopped me from dating someone. Especially Catholic girls. Between the skirts and their urge to do it in churches, I would probably oblige.

    Religious? Annoying.
    Vegetarian? Deal breaker.

  7. There's more to somebody than her religion. And people can change their beliefs over time. Sure, I'm giving her my number.

  8. I would not....
    Okay, maybe just to mess around, really depending on how hot they are. But, anything beyond that- no damn way. Two people need to be doing nothing together, or one thing together. My boyfriend is Jewish. We do nothing.

  9. My boyfriend is Jewish. We do nothing.

    Did you doubt me in the slightest when I said I was LOADS more fun than you are? Especially at parties.

  10. And yet a show about her relationship would probably be watched by most of America. Shows about nothing involving Jewish guys always do very well.

  11. Ginx

    Not that's there anything wrong with that.

  12. Lordship

    You said "people can change their beliefs over time".

    Yes sir my thoughts exactly. There's hope for you all yet.

    peace be with you, feen

  13. I promise you that I am way more fun than you....

    Believe me. When I said we do nothing, I mean nothing in a religious sense.

  14. Yes I have seen people change their beliefs. Not to disappoint though, but most the time it's people believing less and less over time. It's like if you haven't started smoking by the time you're 25, you most likely will never become a smoker. But smokers can always quit later in life.

  15. You know why you're getting this response, feeno? You're asking atheists who post comments on a religious person's blog. Clearly we are fascinated by religious people.

    Have we dated religious people? Yes. Do we think of them as little more than pets we can fuck? No comment, but clearly the question occurred to me.

  16. The reason for the negative reaction you correctly predict, Feeno, is not so much the disappointment at finding out the hottie is religious as the sudden likelihood that he/she was working up to the church invite the whole time, is using his/her looks to proselytise and has no real interest in the person before him/her except in the very general love/save/convert-your-neighbour sense.

    Personally, if I were single and this happened, I would decline the church invite, say that I'm an atheist and then see if she still wanted my digits. Her reaction would tell me a lot.

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  18. Hypothetically, the "good" Christian girls never go out clubbing... only the "naughty" ones, so maybe it is I that would be in need of saving from her? lol.

    Any "Christian" girl that's clubbing is walking the borderline, treading the secular and well as the faith line, coming down on the side of the fence she likes bests when it suits her needs.

    I guess, in a hypothetical situation, it depends on how devoted they were and how devout they felt about their convictions.

    I dated a Mormon girl for a few months who was impossible to get to even open up emotionally because I was "Christian" and she was "Mormon." She wanted to know I was one of "her people" before she'd take it to the next level. Although, don't they say they're "Christian" too?

    At any rate, her family wanted me to come to their church... and I refused, and well, that ended the relationship right then and there. When I called her back the next day there was no answer, and oddly enough I never spoke to her again. I got a return message from her sister telling me that my girlfriend wanted nothing more to do with me if I was going to be so disrespectful to her and her families personal beliefs, and informed me to consider the relationship over.

    This was my sophomore year in college mind you, so I was dealing with what I believed to be an adult and I ended up with a crazed zealot and a bigot for a girlfriend. But I never blamed her for choosing her religion over me, because at the time, I probably would have done the same.

    All I know is, people with different beliefs can make it work if they love each other and that love transcends simple every day convictions. If not, then their relationship will probably deteriorate over time, and dwindle into some mundane routine of simply going through the steps of what a "relationship" is supposed to be.

    But I was a hard core Christian troubadour when I met my Buddhist/Shinto/Secular wife, and I talked about Jesus Christ and religion all the time, and she just politely listened and never gave me so much as an opinion on it. Then when I became atheist, she let out a huge sigh of relief and said, "Finally! Now you know what I've been thinking the whole time."

    But she loved me for me, religion and all. And she still loves me even though I did a complete 180... and she was with me at my side through it all. That's loyalty, that's genuine love and respect in spite of my personal beliefs.

    So if it's love and it's real... then it can work out. If it's just a superficial fling thing, then that's all it will be.

    It depends on what you're looking for and looking to get out of it.

  19. JD- I can profile you so easily. Probably so accurately you would not even allow me the satisfaction to know how right I am. So, here it is.

    You are middle aged American. You are probably employed in the civil services somehow, my guess is army based. I say this because you seem very insulated from the financial struggles of the majority of Americans right now. And, you do not have any anger towards George W Bush, which lends me to believe that you are taken care of and being fed a whole lot of propaganda at the same time.

    You are white, have some, but limited post secondary education, speak with a Southern accent, and have a spare tire around your middle. Probably divorced, with kids, could be wrong about that though.You are boorish, and have a "take me for who I am kinda attitude" which is hard on a wife. And, like all Americans being fed a steady diet of BS, you also probably think that you guys won the Vietnam War.

    I know that you will never admit to any of this. And, I feel no guilt in doing this because you still have not acknowledged or admitted to how rude you are. Enjoy.

  20. tink: you forgot to mention he probably also married the first girl who said "yes."

  21. Yes, there would be that too. But, I really did not feel the need to drag the poor girl into it, I am sure that she suffers enough.

  22. Thank God the first girl I asked said yes. But how could anyone say no to feeno? But Tink may have a point about the "tire" around our mid section. But when I got married I was all ripped up. 25 years of Mexican cookin' made me all gooey.

    I always thought of JD as a skinny me?

    Late, thanks for all the comments on this. I'm glad to have a new post tho, phew, feeno

  23. Hey Feeno

    I will let you in on a little secret. Women will put up with a spare tire if a guy treats them good. If he is a nice, sweet guy, women will forgive just about anything. Trust me on that.

  24. Thanx, Tink

    You deserve a good dude like that, hope the Jewish guy is one.


  25. I've gotta agree 100% with SmartLX on this one. A Christian girl in the club inviting me out to church when first meeting me? Sounds like she was just there to preach all along...

    Now, with that said, I have no problem with dating religious people, depending on their level of religiosity (I'd probably have a hard time nowadays dating a hyper-religious fundie). I can handle that people believe different things. I might even be able to handle going to church once in a while. But if someone is bringing up their religion to (essentially) a complete stranger, and your "next date" is at a church, I'd have a strong hunch that she's just trying to do some missionary dating...rather than actually being interested in me.

    But ahh hell, if she's hot enough, I might do it anyway :P

  26. Well, I'm sorry but I have to say this feeno.
    Why do religious people believe that the fact us, atheists, don't believe in a God means we have a HUGE problem with everyone who believes in one or follow a religion?
    That's not necessarily true. It's like saying "I don't like McDonalds, only Burguer King. Therefore I hate people who like MdDonalds" (I like both by the way).

    I only have one friend at my school that is atheist as well and yet I have several friends there.

    I wouldn't get angry if the so called girl invited me to church (to many it is unthinkable that I wouldn't), if she believes in it, very well. Just don't expect me to start believing.
    The real problem would be if an atheist girl met a christian (mere example) man in the bar. As soon as he knew about it, he would dump her (at least, most commonly he wouldn't stop there).
    Isn't this quite the opposite of what you guys usually preach?

    Religious folks speak of atheists as "evil" people. That's what I don't get, because being atheist doesn't mean you can't be a good person. What's more, if are one and choose to be a good person. You decided that on your own, because that's what you thinks is right (unlikely religious folks who choose to be like that because God says so or for fear of going to hell). Who is more correct then?
    The truth is YOU can't stand us and feel the urge to strike us, whereas we don't feel the same (we may however feel sorry for you and etc, but we want to discuss, while YOU want to convert).

    P.S: Tinkbell13, would you mind trying to guess where I'm from? Just the contry is ok. ^^
    (since you had confidence talking about that other guy.)

  27. Almeidinha

    Welcome and thanks for your comments. I might not be that entertaining but the ones that comment here certainly are.

    Peace, feeno

  28. Hey feeno. I don't if you felt attacked when I used the word YOU. I meant to use it as plural (YOU as in: you religious folks)
    Didn't mean to "attack" you personally.
    And thanks for the warm welcome. =)