Sunday, January 31, 2010

Haha Harry or Weepin' Willie?

Does your attitude cause you to think the way you do? Or does the way you think cause your attitude? I'd say most Christians have a positive outlook on who God is. So they think God is good. And I'd have to guess, but those who are mad at God have a negative outlook on who God is. So they try to find ways to convince themselves that God is a tyrant.

I've been a little busy with work lately and trying to figure out my tax stuff. But I have been bouncing around the blog world trying to stay in touch with you all. I seem to notice that most atheists seem to have a bad concept of who God is. Is there something I could say to you to convince you, that if there was a God he truly loves you? And only wants the best for you?

Could the difference between a Christian and an Atheist be a simple as our attitude?

Shalom, feeno

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chip off the ole block

My youngest daughter had a game today. She's a freshman in High School and plays basketball for her school. One of the biggest schools in the state of Ohio. She is actually a very good player. They lost their first 3 games but since have done very well. Although they lost today their record is 11 and 5. She had 10 points in today's 39-35 loss. Needless to say I'm very proud of her. She also hits the cover off the softball.

But last night a boy from her school texted her. He said "So your a Christian huh". Then began to ask her some questions about God. I know if your an Atheist your probably not impressed. But I think at that moment I was as proud of her as I have ever been.

P.S. Megan (my oldest daughter) if your reading this, Daddy's very proud of you too. See you Monday. Love, me

peace be with you all, feeno

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Outlaw witch burnings, not matches or religion

What is the Atheists motivation to "debunking religion and or Christianity? From my perspective I can see only 2 reasons why they should have any concern. The first one is the idea that we exclude people and make them feel left out and or divide families etc.. The second is the fact that religious beliefs shape the way we might vote politically.

To answer the first concern about "feeling left out". What should we do? Quit going to church and quit celebrating religious holidays? I don't want anyone to feel left out. But why would you even feel that way if it's something you don't even believe in? Does me reciting the "Apostle's Creed" in a private church service make you feel guilty or left out? The fact that families are divided and or split may happen but if it's done maliciously then there is a problem with the people involved, not religion. Making one choose or reject a position doesn't mean there must be animosity amongst the 2 sides.

So now politically, we all vote according to our beliefs, religion is just one part of our beliefs and how we might vote. Where do we draw the line? You can only vote if your IQ is higher than 100? Or if you were raised by hippies, or Jews or Mormons or foreigners or Christians or women or men or blacks or whites or little people or Atheists or anyone who thinks different than we do? I mean it was illegal before 9-eleven to fly a plane into a building you know.

I think it's admirable that people try to make a change for the better. Even if it's an Atheist trying to do what they feel is right. But "if I were an atheist" I would care less about all these things. I'd say whatever man, more power to 'em.

Is there something I'm missing?

P.S. Gandolph is out there somewhere lurking in the shadows. And if this post doesn't bring him out of his hiatus, nothing will?

Dueces Mooses, feeno

Sunday, January 17, 2010

When the roll is called up yonder I'll be there

What was the goal of the early church? Profit? Sure there is a lot of money generated today because of Christianity. Movies, books, CD's and DVD's etc. But many of those early Christians left real jobs for no jobs. Some early Christians even began to give away there money and sell off some of there possessions. And that money went directly to those who had less, not the church Pastors who usually just got room and board, as they travelled and taught and preached in the temples and in peoples homes. Then of course what good would it do if you did get super rich off of this new religion if you couldn't live to spend it?

Christianity could not have been a very wise decision if it meant you had to give up your money, possessions, friends and in some instances family and life as you knew it. Especially taking into account that it wasn't very safe to practice this new religion. I just don't see what advantage it was to call yourself a Christian back then?

What motivates a Christian today? Profit? Sure, I'm sure many do it as a job only? But I would also say that most Believers have less money because of their faith. Many tithe, or give to missions. Many Christians spend 5,6,7 thousand dollars a year putting their kids in Catholic or Christian schools. Not to mention how much time we spend away from work because we are doing something at/for the church.

Can the Christian actually have a noble reason to try to convince you to turn to God? We don't want your money or possessions. We all share the same things in this world, joy, sorrow, pain, sickness, happiness, good times and bad.

We want to rejoice with you when you accept Christ and become part of the Church. We want to share our future in God's glory with you. We want you to taste his love, like we have. We want you to realize that the Creator of this world desires a relationship with you. We want you to have hope in Christ and for his return. Instead of at best, becoming food for buzzards and maggots.

Christians still struggle in this world, we share the same problems as everyone else. But they don't seem to be as important knowing we have an advocate who is rooting for us and desires for us a glorious future. Christians are just a bunch of nomads passing through this world until his return. So while I'm waiting and ain't got anything better to do, I'll try to convince some of my friends to join me for a ride of a lifetime?

Late, feeno

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Do you think Haitians are whining over a tough day at work?

I have been really busy at work this week remodeling a bathroom. Banged up my knuckles, cut my arm and wrist really bad, spent to much money at Home Depot and my knees are sore. I am thankful to be working, and even more thankful to get back on my blog. I've missed you derelicts and your responses to my thinking. Although JD and LX haven't missed a beat.

There are 2 or 3 verses in the Bible that allude to the fact that God has implanted his knowledge in us. That wont mean much to anyone who doesn't put any stock in the Bible, but it made me wonder, this is why so many people still believe in God.

If God beliefs are bad and cause harm, then why haven't we evolved away from religion? Look how far we've come from the days of dragging our knuckles on the ground while pulling our "bee-otches" around by their hair and woopin them with a club when they got out of line. Now we wear socks that match our sweaters and hold doors open for our ladies.

These poor people over in Haiti right now confirm this. There are some blaming God. Some are praising God. Some blaming the Devil, some praising the Devil. But whenever these tragedies occur, people seem to sense a 'Higher Being".

How come we can't evolve away from this type of thinking? Could God have actually implanted his knowledge inside of us? (Ecc. 3:11, Job 32:8 and Rom.1:19)

Dueces, feeno

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Props to Atheists

This weekend I caught an ad for Jesse Ventura's new show on the network formerly known as Court TV. It's new name is escaping me right now. I always liked Jesse and was glad he became Gov. of Minn. I was however a little disappointed with him a few years ago when he was quoted as saying "Christians use God as a crutch".
I can't be to hard on him tho, many others like Ted Turner have said the same thing.

What I'm about to say is not meant to be demeaning, and "if I was an atheist" I guess I'd feel this way too. But Atheists feel like they have gotten this far in life based solely on what they have done. I mean that makes sense, if there's no God, who else should get the credit? And I do believe whether you are a Atheist or Christian the choices you make put you in a position for failure or success. I just believe that God is in control of everything.

I guess what I'm saying is that I agree with these people. I admit I use God as a crutch. And I always will. He helps me through tough times and situations I get myself in. He answers my prayers and has blessed me with all kinds of wonderful things. I have a lot to look forward to in this life and a great future ahead of me in the next.

So I'm giving you guys some props here, because life can be difficult at times, and I don't know how someone gets through life with out using God as a crutch?

Peace Out, feeno

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


You Atheists have gotten into my head and it sucks. I don't think I ever heard the word "debunk" before I got on a computer about a year or so ago. So today at work I heard someone use it and thought he must be some loony Atheist? Turns out he was just a dude that has a better vocab than me. Then on my way home from work someone cut me off in traffic and I uttered under my breath "damn Atheist". Then tonight at church some kid was screwing around in the hallway causing a stir and all I could think about is how in about 5 years he'll probably be blogging about how he left the church and decided to become an Atheist.

Do I need a break from you'll or what?

P.S. I hope no loons were offended by this post.

Peace be with you, feeno

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ken Jennings

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised in no way am I suggesting anyone who comments here lacks discretion or sound judgment. Everyone who comments here is intelligent, so what I'm about to say is purely hypothetical and if any scenarios used to describe anyone reading this happens to be true, it is purely coincidental.

Being smart might be the most over rated quality some one can possess. But then again maybe not? Because it's really not that "rated" to begin with? Being really smart doesn't get you anywhere in life. If you are successful in life chances are it is because of other qualities which you have.

Being a success in life is measured by different people in different ways. Some think money, power, fame, rubbing elbows with the right people or simply just being happy and content or making the next generations life easier are all ways to measure success. I wouldn't disagree with any of those. But you don't have to be smart to attain any of those things.

Knowledge is a good and powerful thing. But being smart is totally meaningless, unless you wind up on Jeopardy? But after you become a 5 time Champion you still have to go back home on Monday driving your AMC Pacer that your granma gave you when you fixed her computer, back to your little cubicle at work as you enter something in a computer all day hoping to avoid your Boss because he picks on you. Plus the same DNA which makes one smart also makes them snort and eat boogers.

I say things like instinct, experiences, gut feelings, discernment, judgment and of course good ole fashion common sense is what makes us a success. In John Loftus' book "Why I Became an Atheist: Personal Reflections and Additional Arguments" on page 53 he(John) guesses that "percentage wise, atheists are better educated than others, and better educated people are usually better people toward others..."
Which reminds me, I have been a bit grumpy lately, maybe I should take some night classes until I can achieve a Degree in something/anything but at least I'll be a nicer person?

"The Education of Sonny Carson" is a great black cult classic movie.(?) I watched it 50 times while I was in the USAF although I'm whiter than Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson. Anyways Sonny Carson says one of the smartest things I've ever heard, even though he was probably about 18 years old when he said it, and he spent little time in school. But as a rival gang is coming upon Sonny and his highly out numbered gang to do battle, Sonny is trying to keep his gang from doing anything, but one of his dudes says "Sonny, we gots to do something, cause it aint cool to just stand here".
Then Sonny says "You be to cool, you gonna lose". My goal of telling this story is that Sonny's education was nothing but his life on the streets, yet his wisdom far surpasses any thing you could ever learn in a book.

DISCLAIMER #2: My 21 year old daughter has one semester left in college, she is on the Dean's list, as usual. She has plans to further her education by going to grad school after she travels for a year. Young people, please go to school and get an education, it will certainly be a wise move, something me and Sonny would want you to do. I'm not saying getting an education is a bad thing, I'm saying don't forget to pick up all the other wise things along the way that will help you in life.

Peace out, feeno

Friday, January 1, 2010

If it don't fit, you must aquit

We all have prejudices, and when we search for "evidence" if we are being honest, we don't want to find any evidence that is contrary to our beliefs. Matter of fact we usually just dismiss it until we find something that coincides with what we already believe.

Believing in God is easy and natural. I think you must really try hard not to believe in Him? Same said with the Bible. When I write something I sometimes think to myself "I don't know how they can answer these things, yet I know they will". And sometimes, I think you actually believe what you're saying?

Archeological discoveries that help claims made by the Bible don't seem to really matter. Things like the City of Ur, which once was used as skeptic fodder against Bible claims, but when the city was unearthed it didn't change anyone's opinion. Why? Because we only believe what we want to.

Some claim the Bible borrowed things from other religions, yet over 3000 yrs ago those same religions claimed that the Earth was supported by a Turtle or Atlas or by a Catfish or Elephant. While the Bible states "God stretches out the north over the empty place and hangs the Earth on nothing". (Job 26:7) Scientists used to claim that there's not enough water on Earth to have a worldwide flood. Then they discovered fountains of waters in the oceans depths. Which the Bible could have told you about. (Gen. 7:1) Do you think that changed anyone's mind.

My friend questions the validity of Moses, if they found a record of Moses tomorrow, you might believe that Moses existed, or you might not, but it wouldn't make you believe in Christ anymore. We can claim that Jesus never existed, or Paul or Moses, that list can get awful long. And we can play that game forever, and many have. And there are BTW many things that point to a Moses and plagues and Egypt etc. around the time he claims.

No matter how hard people try to debunk the Bible it just hasn't happened. How did these uneducated, simple minded goat herders write something with such truth, wisdom and power and be so far ahead of it's time in things like science and prophecy and biology, oh yeah I got biology and prophetic stats too. But so what, it's just more stuff to debunk.

I try to stay away from these type of arguments that "prove" something. And I know I haven't proved anything here today either? My point to this post is something I've said a few times before, "There is plenty of evidence to support your belief in Atheism, if that's what you want". And yes, I do want there to be a God, I'm just thankful that there is still so much evidence that supports my faith.

Happy New Year, feeno