Thursday, September 23, 2010

Atheists are officially off the hook?

Maybe Christians expect to much out of Atheists? After all an Atheist owes nothing to God. God does not ask the Atheist to suffer for Him. He doesn't call the Atheist to serve Him. The Atheist isn't expected to be separate from the ideologies of the world. These are only things that the Christian is expected to do.

The Church is here primarily to love and glorify God. Then we are to take care of each other inside the church as we evangelize to those who are outside the church. Once again the Atheist has no roll in this plan, so in my opinion they don't owe God anything.

When someone accepts Christ they are the ones who are responsible for their actions and motives to why they do things. Christians are the ones who will be judged by Christ for how they controlled their "old nature". Or how we spent our time and our money. How we treated others or used the talents God gave us.

I owe God my life, and am grateful. The Atheist doesn't believe God created any life yet alone their life. Yet many will say that if there is a God they didn't ask for life so they still don't owe God anything. When I hear statements like these; I'm wondering if they are trying to convince somebody they are right... or if they are pleading their case to God... just in case?

What, you wanted some sappy "I missed you and can't live without you" speech? Sorry you soft little bitches.

OK, I missed you guys a little

Late, feeno

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sorry about your loss, wheres the restroom?

When someone dies they have a visitation followed by the funeral. Then afterward everyone usually ends up at a church or someones house for green bean casseroles, ham sandwiches, deserts, chips and a barrage of 2-liter sodas.

Death doesn't care if someone is a Christian or an Atheist. And green bean casseroles will give anyone the runs. So what are the differences if any between an Atheist funeral and a Christian funeral?

If you talk to most Christian Preachers they will tell you that they never feel comfortable doing a funeral for someone who wasn't a Believer. It's hard for them to be encouraging or to comfort the dead persons family and friends.

The Apostle Paul tells the Thessalonian church that it's OK to grieve for those Christian loved ones we have lost. (Grieving is normal), but he says not to grieve like those who have no hope. I've heard or read that verse many times. I've heard it at many funerals as well. For a Christian, I understand it's meaning. But I never thought about what it might mean to those who don't believe they will ever see those dead people ever again?

1 Thessalonians 4:13 brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who have fallen asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope.

What does this verse mean to you if anything?

Thanks, feeno