Monday, March 29, 2010

Go for it, you might not even get saved?

Easter Sunday will be here in less than a week. This will be one of those very few times where finding a parking place and a pew to sit in can be quite difficult. All that means is that people who don't like church or are unbelievers are just going to make someone happy. And that's honorable. I know a few Atheists who will still go to church with their spouse or a relative or a friend on special occasions to appease them. So join the club, if someone invites you to church this week, take them up on their offer. Or just go because feeno invited you. Then come back here and tell us what you thought.

You could kill 2 birds with one stone, first I would really love to hear about some of those experiences you all had. And second you'd make your Mama so happy.

Dueces, feeno

Sunday, March 28, 2010

At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light...

As we were driving south along peaceful and winding country roads I saw several places where people must have died in traffic accidents. You can tell because they mark the side of the road with little wooden crosses to honor those lost. And it got me thinking about the cross and how popular it is.

I'm not sure what the most popular tattoo is? But I'd say the cross is right up there at the top, next to the topless Hula dancer and Mom? And of all the things people hang from their rear view mirrors the cross is a close second behind the pine tree air freshener. But easily when it comes to jewelry the cross is number one. You don't even have to be a Christian, people just love rockin' the cross. Cross earrings, cross charms, cross bracelets and the all time best seller, cross necklaces.

Are there any atheists out there that are sporting a cross somewhere?

And what does the cross symbolize to you?

Thanks, feeno

Drugs are great

On March 15th 2010 me and my wife celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. I didn't blog about it cause I didn't want to bore you all. And I still wont. But eventually I will show you a 3 minute and 23 second video covering our 25 years together. A girl from our church made it for me. And I surprised my wife at church when they played it during the church service the day before our anniversary.

I'm telling you that because for the last few weekends we have been trying to get away and spend a romantic weekend together. So 3 weekends ago we were ready to take off together when some friends of ours (who don't speak much English and have only a few friends) and were expecting a baby went to the hospital a month early to deliver the baby, and they asked us if we could watch their 5 year old. Which we did and were glad to do. But we picked him up on Thursday night and kept him until Monday night. Then last weekend we once again were all set for our weekend and another family situation arrived and we were forced to cancel that trip.

That leaves this past weekend. Come hell or high water I was gonna take my wife out of town and spend some time with her. Even tho I have never felt more sick in my life. I didn't tell her how bad it was and tried to play it off. But the further we drove the sicker and sicker I became. We took a 7 hour drive down the scenic back roads of Kentucky stopping in little quaint towns to walk around the little gift shops and thrift stores. For a trip that should have only taken about 3 hours. When we got to our beautiful destination a 150 acre farm in the blue grass hills of Kentucky surrounded by cows, waterfalls and a farm pond loaded with blue gill, catfish and bass and an old farm house built around 1900(?) all to ourselves, all I could do was lay down.

If I go see a Doctor something really bad is going on. A couple months ago at work I sliced my arm open. It was a U shaped cut about 8 inches long or so. I drove about 5 minutes to Walgreen's bought a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some neo-sporin. Then in the parking lot like Jason Bourne I cleaned and bandaged my wound. Stretching the skin and flesh back into place. I wrapped it in a clean clothe and duck taped it. I didn't even look at again for several days and when I did, it was all better. Except for the giant scar I now have?

So that night in our romantic setting I was up all night sounding, looking and acting as if I was gonna die. At 7:00 am my wife was up and packing and said "I'm going home". I think she was pissed at me because I don't go the Doctor? But believe me I was ready to go see a Doctor or even an emergency room somewhere. She drove home and it was pretty silent in the truck. After 9:00 am I called our family Doctor who said they couldn't see me until Monday.

I know I'm boring your socks off, but I'm almost done. So I end up finding another Doctor who said I have a sinus infection, a double ear infection and some type of congestive infection. He prescribed me some antibiotics and thank God 'cause I had a lot of biotics in me? Anyways after 2 pills yesterday and one this morning I feel much better. I'm still gonna stay home from church to rest up. And possibly make plans for next weekend?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some people ain't happy unless their not happy

I read a post over at DC the other day about why people leave Christianity for the greener grass of atheism. There are a lot of responses and a lot of reasons why. But one thing they all seem to have in common is that they would all be miserable if God or Christianity were absent from this world. They would have nothing to bitch about. Nothing to blame their problems on, and nothing to demonize to make their lifestyle look so caring and noble.

I claim that many if not most Atheists like it when Christians are "mean" to them. I think in a wierd way it gives them their self worth? So be careful what you wish for, if we Christians would leave you all alone, or get raptured what the hell would you do with yourselves?

Dueces Mooses, feeno

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who wants to go swimming?

One critique I often hear from Atheists seems valid, at least on the surface. And that is the notion of religion being more harmful than good. I can also bet that Atheists are tired of the worn out line used by Christians that sounds a little like this: "It's not about religion, but about a relationship with the Lord".

So before I tell you "it's not about religion, but about a relationship with the Lord", let me share a story with you from the book of John. And I do tend to side with Atheists on religion and what it can do, if anything?

I will paraphrase, but you can follow along if you wish. John 5:1-15. So Jesus is walking from Galilee up to Jerusalem for a Jewish holy day. In the city there was the pool of Bethesda. It was thought if you were lame, blind, deaf or had some other disease that you could be healed just by being dipped into the pool as the water is stirred up. You can imagine that this place might be crowded with religious folks, or at least with religious sicko's all trying to get healed. But by all accounts is was a busy place. I mean even the guy Jesus ends up healing is never quick enough to get in the pool, because someone is always beating him in. Just from this story we can see that family and friends were there to help their sick acquaintances out. And the Religious rulers are close enough to get pissed at Jesus.

So here's my point: Jesus is walking around the midst of all the hustle and bustle of this show. yet Jesus is already with us, he's close to us, he can touch us, hear us and save us. Yet were more concerned with the traditions of getting healed by a religious ceremony or custom then noticing Jesus is in our midst.

So I'll will close by saying "It's not about religion but a....

Dueces, feeno

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finish the race

The Apostle Paul often found himself in dangerous situations. He was in prison, or under house arrest (I guess the Romans made him wear a GPS ankle bracelet)? He had to hide and escape and run from those seeking to harm him. But there was a courageous dude named Demas that stood by his side during a time when Paul was imprisoned by the Romans. During that time it wasn't really cool or even safe to be a Believer.

When Demas' name is mentioned during Paul's' missionary journeys, only good things were said about him. But somehow, like many people today, he got disenchanted with the church and left. Paul tells us in 2nd Timothy 4:10 that "Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world". My translation is that Demas liked what the world had to offer more than what the church or our Lord had to offer.

When I say "world" I don't mean people, we should love everyone, no exceptions". But the "world" means; things of the world. Power, fame, money, ourselves or anything that appeals to our flesh more than the things of God. There may not even be anything wrong in those things in themselves? Matthew tells us to "seek ye first the kingdom of God, then all these other things will be given to you as well".

I hope I see Demas in heaven. And I just might. He may have been born again and just found out it was to much for him to continue on in his faith with all the goodies the world has to offer? Or maybe he was never truly born again? I don't
know. But with so many people today, even many Pastors leaving the church for the world, I wonder?

Dueces Mooses, feeno

Thursday, March 11, 2010

...but in humility consider others better than yourselves. (plilippians 2:3

My best friend since I was about 12 years old called me yesterday. We were actually talking about H.S. Basketball. And before I hung up I asked him how is son was doing in college. He said great, but he did say his son has 5 room mates. One a vocal Christian and another one an Atheist. He told his dad that the Christian is not a very nice fellow, while the Atheist is not only much nicer to be around but is actually a more "morale" person.

I didn't write my last post to try to gain any "praise" or "compliments" from anyone. They were noticed and appreciated, but my goal was to let you guys know, that sometimes we Christians are put in a awkward situations. We know many people don't like it when we "preach" yet we also believe we are to share the Gospel message of Christs life, death and resurrection.

So why are we Christians not Christ like? Well I'd like to say that we are many. We come from all types of backgrounds and situations. I'd also like to say that for every "mean"(?) Christian, there is one like my friend. (You can call him Tiger.)

Let me tell you just 2 quick stories about him, although there are many more. But about 20 years ago Tiger was working in a warehouse stocking ball bearings. The company he was working for decided to lay off another worker in the warehouse not named Tiger. After dude got the notice he went back to the shop extremely saddened and worried and concerned what he was to do? Before he could collect his stuff my boy Gonz (aka Tiger) went up front and quit his job. He did that because he was more concerned for dude than he was himself.

Then about 10 years ago Tiger was a stud cars salesman in town where we live. That company had just hired a minority to wash the cars. Another car washer came over to the showroom where Tiger was working and started using "hate speech" to describe the new worker. My friend went to management and said that they need to fire the old employee because of what he was saying. Management said "not to worry because that guy will get over it". Tiger said "maybe you don't understand, either he leaves or I do, because I won't work for a company who will allow some one like this working for them". Oh, they fired dude.

I work with young people, 7-12th grade usually. I have told these stories many times. I know a lot more about the Bible than my friend does. I'm in church a lot more as well. I teach Bible, I have been ordained, I even collect a little salary every week from my Church. But that's not what a Christian is. A Christian is what my friend is. (Tiger is the dude I also mention in my testimony).

Yes I know, many of you atheists don't need a god to be good like my friend. I know that. But my only answer to this question is this: Christians shouldn't act like Christians, we should act like Christ. And that's what I told Gonz to tell his son.

Peace in Mississippi, feeno

Saturday, March 6, 2010

You steal the paper, your already going to Hell

Do you remember the Sienfield episode when Elaine got mad at her boyfriend Puddy because she found out he was Christian and Puddy wasn't trying to save her? She stole his Jesus fish and was messing with his car radio where he had dialed in all the christian music stations. Yadda yadda yadda.

I know we Christians can be a little obnoxious now and then about witnessing to you all. So let me ask you what method of our evangelizing suites you best?

A. The guy at work who thinks he witnessing to you by telling you everyday "Your going to hell".

B. The guy who invites you to church every week? And then calls to see if everything is OK with your family 'cause he didn't see you there.

C. How about those welcomed visits from those folks banging on your door when you have nothing else better to do.

D. Maybe it's everyone favorite.. TV Evangelists

E. The neighbor who tells you "if you only had God" that bad thing that just happened to you wouldn't have happened.

I'm sure you guys will have your own thoughts. I'll tell you what I do, and then you can tell me how you think we should go about it. What I try do is this. St. Francis who is a fascinating dude, google him if you wish, says "Preach the Gospel every day. And if you have to use words". I like that. And I try to live a life that is worthy of a follower of Christ. I often fail, but keep plugging along. Any ways I usually never approach any one about the Lord. But often they approach me. Then I go into my "Joshua" speech. I tell them how great God is, and about all the great things he has done in my life, then let them decide for themselves.

Dueces, feeno

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Deja Vu all over again

I visited "Debunking Christianity" yesterday and it reminded me of what inspired me to write my first blog. I still don't understand why people who use to call themselves Christians and were "saved" and did "good" works and tried so hard to keep their "faith" can turn into inconsiderate, close minded and thoughtless people. It will be hard to convince me that someone who just turned into an Atheist for such a short time can be so hateful towards those they supposedly were just like. It makes no sense. I read all 58 comments from this original post and none answer this question with out leaving more questions. Just go to DC and look at a couple of yesterdays posts and see what I'm talking about. I commented on "The Atheist Agenda, Smut for Smut" campaign. If I was to ever become an Atheist I think I would have compassion and understanding for those who have left the church. But most of all Atheists that have left the church only mock, ridicule and belittle the church all while claiming it's not my fault, they were mean to me first. The last time I said that I was in the 2nd grade.

Ok, here it is, my very first blog.

One year ago I couldn't turn a computer on. Eight months ago I got an E-Mail address and now today I'm writing my first blog.

As I explored the internet for topics that interested me, I ended up on an atheist website by John Loftus called Debunking Christianity. I had no idea who he was, and had no idea that atheists were so passionate about their beliefs. (or lack there of) Actually, I always thought of atheists like people from P.E.T.A. just a bunch of weirdos. Sorry P.E.T.A. people. Or atheists?

But when I discovered that John (Mr. Loftus) was actually a well known and a popular Author I was Impressed. Not for the fact that he's kinda a famous, but because he treated me, a born again Christian very graciously on his atheist site. And a few of his contemporaries would also take time out to "set me straight" in their posts. W'sup Jeff, Tracy, Gandy and Playa.

There was something unique about this group, most of these people claimed to have been part of the church at one time. Could that be possible? And much like a Christian who shares his testimony of how he got saved, I read stories about how they got "deconverted". But I have one problem with these stories. I can't figure out why a lot of these people seem to have such a disdain for people they used to have a relationship with. I was up all night a while back talking to a former pastor who left the church, he had mentioned that he had received a negative backlash after he made his decision, and actually received hate e-mail from "loving evangelicals". I asked him if he thought more people from his church were praying for him, or sending him hate mail. He never answered that question.

If I became an atheist: First I go and see my pastor and tell him I am no longer a believer. Here's what happens next. The deacons get together and pray for me and my family. My Sunday school class prays for me. We will receive cards and letters from people wishing us well.
People will be calling to see if they can do anything for us. Old ladies and young alike will be dropping off cakes and brownies. My friends in the church will still be expecting me to come over and watch the MMA fights. ( and probably try to convince to come back to church) People from the church will still be calling me to install ceramic tile in their house (that's what I do) Plus I can't see myself suddenly not liking them either. And as much as I love my church, this is not uncommon.

So it troubles me to see these people one week sitting in a pew next to their friend trying to figure out if they should eat together at Apple bees or Bob Evans, then a week later think less of them because their a Christian.

I wanted to write this blog on my own site, so not to take advantage of John's vast number of hits he receives. Or to be a nuisance to anyone over at D.C. , who really did treat me well.
One thing I've learned about this group, if you call them out, they will respond. I hope some how they will find my site and respond to this.

Peace out, feeno