Saturday, February 27, 2010

That's Him, at the Burger King in Minnasota, next to Elvis

After Christ was crucified and died, He then, after 3 days rose again. Then for forty days before he ascended into heaven what did he do? The Bible says that he walked around revealing Himself before people. I believe to prove that He was indeed alive.

But here's the part I need you to help answer for me. In that 40 day period there are 17 times where Christ made an appearance. And all 17 times the Bible mentions a Jesus sighting, the witnesses were always Believers.

Any ideas why? I have never heard anyone ever teach or preach on this subject. It just came to me as I was reading and studying this week for my Jr. High class.

I have an idea why? But I could be way off base?

Thanks, feeno

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who's opening for Jesus tonight?

Why doesn't God just do a bunch of miracles today, so skeptics will finally believe?
Would it matter to you if he did?
And if so what kind of miracle would you like to see?

Sometimes I say to myself, "If God did go around doing miracles all the time, everyone would certainly believe?

But I'm not so sure it would make that big of a difference. Early on in Jesus' ministry and before he pissed off the Religious rulers of the day, He was a Rock Star. He drew huge crowds wherever He went. He had 12 roadies, everyone thought he was da bomb, He had many groupies and they all wanted to see his next show.

The problem with this was that many of these people came to Him to see a healing, a raising from the dead, a feeding of a crowd with just a few fish, they wanted to see some sort of miracle. Not actually listen to what he was saying.

Do you all remember the story when Jesus looks at some crippled dude laying on a mat being dragged around by 4 of his buds? Jesus says to him "take heart son, your sins are forgiven". Then a bunch of the religious teachers were saying to each other "Blasphemy! This man talks as if he were God. So Jesus tells them "OK dorks, would it be easier for me to say your sins are forgiven or get up and walk? So then Jesus tells the cripple to "get up, pick up your mat, and go home". And of course, dude did. Although many believed some did not. And this just made the religious teachers and rulers even madder at Him.

Would a miracle change the way you feel about God?

Dueces, feeno

Friday, February 19, 2010

Can God be perfect if He's color blind?

Jesus was born 2,000 years ago in the Middle East. His Mama was a Jew. His Daddy was a Jew. He was born from the blood line of David and Abraham. The Bible tells us He went unto His own, and His own (the Jews) received Him not. How people could argue that Christ was anything but a Jew is mind numbing. When Jesus was born His skin was much closer to black than white.

There are 66 books in the Bible. All were written by Jews. Mostly about the Jews, and mostly to the Jews. Thank God I have been grafted in and have become an adopted son of Jesus.

Moses' old lady was a Cushite named Zipporah. She was black.
One of the many Bible babes was Bathsheba. You know about her from the story of David. She too was probably black. There was the Ethiopian Philip lead to the Lord.
And many other Ethiopians mentioned. I'm not even sure if there is a white guy even mentioned in the Bible?

None of that matters. It seems almost silly to even bring it up. God doesn't care about race, color, creed, gender. God is no respecter of person. Romans 2:11 says "He shows no favoritism".

If you want to get Biblicaly technical God did have a chosen people. There were the Jews and then everybody else. Everybody else was a Gentile. But God had a plan to use the Jews to reach the world. and when Jesus died on the cross Paul tells us "there is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female...." (Galatians 3:28) Earlier he said" For Christ Himself made peace between us Jews and Gentiles making us all one people....That is found in Ephesians 2:14-18, finish reading this if you get the chance.

There is only one race of people. The Human race. Nobody gets extra credit or bonus points from God for being a certain color.

I know you all agree with me. I believe this 'cause it's from the Bible. You believe it because your ethical and fair people. So why did I have to write this here in the year of 2010? Well Geenks, Tink, LX, JD and myself have encountered Marcus Wellington a blogger who comments over at JD's crib. I hope Marcus finds his way over here, reads this and maybe, just maybe asks God for forgiveness.

On top of Makarios' page it says "No one has done anything so bad that forgiveness isn't offered. And nobody is so good that for forgiveness isn't required". or something like that. I like that. We all need God.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

PG 13

I had to go pick up some material this morning. As I was driving around I was thinking about writing a story for Hollywood. I think I could title it something like "Gandolph, Earth Czar". Gandy would play himself, a fun loving guy who inherits control of the whole world after a unanimous vote by the United Nations.

When he takes control he puts Tink in charge of "World Fitness" she is like the Schwarzenegger to Bush 1. And is also the lead woman in this Movie. Her Love interest would have to be Jeff, played by Orlando Bloom. Tink would be played by Gwenneth Paltrow. His Lordship the Gun Toting Atheist, played by Will Smith will provide the new "World Military" with weapons training. And of course we must have a nemesis for our new Czar. That will be JD who will be played by Russel Crowe and he is the leader of a small resistance group that is causing dissension and problems for the "religion police".

Is what the new Earth Czar is doing going to help or hurt our world?

Of course Brad Pitt will play feeno. (I mean who else, John Candy is dead) and I will lead Gandy to the Lord and a great revival will break out.

If we wanted to make this a comedy we simply need to get Geenks to write it?

A documentry? T-Vick?

A love story, definately T-Vick, did you read that sappy crap he left on our last post, sheez.


PG 13

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Excuse me sir, but you have some dirt on your forehead

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. There are times I wish I were Catholic. Tomorrow is one of them. Although I am not Catholic me and my family usually give up something during lent. And although most of you are not Christians, have you ever thought about giving something up for the next 40 days? And if so what?

Peace out Homeslices, feeno

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Big Brass Ones

There is a post on John Loftus' site titled "If Christianity doesn't matter why do you bother with it? I must agree, I still struggle with this. I'm not saying you don't have the right or even ideas that may constitute your unbelief, but why "bother" with it at all anyway?

I wish I could add a link for you all. But my computer skills are still very basic. But I did leave a comment if anyone's interested?

Bruce (author of post) makes a couple observations which may or may not be true but have very little to do with anything. I'll paraphrase but you can read it for yourself if you wish. But he doesn't mind Christianity as long as we don't offend anyone or cross some imaginary line. As long as we don't, then he lists a bunch of things that Christians do that are not pleasing to him and society in some cases as a whole. But he wont use the same logic and values on his lack of belief. Should we ban atheism because there are bad atheists who commit stupid acts. If an Atheist molests a child I believe we should punish him/her. But certainly not all Atheists. I guess he thinks if a Christian molests a child some how they get an out of jail free card?

If there is a group of Christians out there that deny their kid medical attention based upon their religious belief, I too would have a problem with that. Personally I think we should have laws that protect these kids. And why we don't is beyond me. (maybe we do, I don't know)?

I like to discuss religion and atheism and God or gods or no gods. It's all good. But when people start whining about Christians imposing their will on everyone, it's just not true. Some religions may hold a gun against your head, but not ours. Yeah, religion does influence each culture, that's just gonna happen. If your numbers were higher, we'd see a bigger atheist culture. Actually considering your low percentage rates, I think you should be proud of the progress you have made?

If you want to call yourself an Atheist, fine. Grow a pair and own up to it. (sorry Tink, just an expression). Don't act like Christianity made you do it.

Peace out, feeno

Thursday, February 11, 2010

That Chick is beat up from da feet up

Who has better self esteem? Or the worst self esteem? Christians are accused of having low self esteem because we need to admit were sinners and not good enough for God until we admit it.

Atheists think this life and all the things in it are just chance. They are an evolved species of monkeys. This brief life is all there is. Their family, job, significant other, family and friends is all just a big accident.

I can see why Atheists could think that way about Christians, compared to a holy God I realize I'm not much. But because he loves me all I get is an abundant life and hope and blessings and comfort and companionship and rewards and joy and peace. Did I mention victory from this world and an everlasting life?

What is it you guys get again? I'm not saying your not confident, just saying you remind me of the ugly girl who thinks the reason no-one asks her out is because she's so hot men are just intimidated by her beauty.

Late, feeno

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dyin' aint much of a livin' boy

I mentioned how I might write about my weekend when I got home from my trip, and take a little vacation from "religion" talk. But I just can't help myself and I'd like to talk about God. Besides, although this is one of the best weekends of my year and already can't wait 'til next year, I'm not so sure it would be all that interesting to you all? His "Lordship the gun-toting Atheist" would probably enjoy all the fire power we bring to our gathering, but the rest is just eating, drinking PBR, smoking Rocky Patels and praising Jesus. Oh, I almost forgot, we cap it all off by watching the movie "The Outlaw Josie Wales".

But when you watch this movie, or any war movie it's interesting to watch these noble people willing to die for a cause. Amazing courageous people laying their life down for strangers. Is there a cause you would die for? In the Old Testament Moses tells God he'd be willing to die for his beloved Israelites. I think he meant a physical death? And like Moses I think I'd lay my physical life down for the sake of others. But in the New Testament the Apostle Paul actually tries to make a deal with God and that he'd give his "spiritual" life for his Jewish Brothers. Now that's just crazy. I wouldn't even consider doing that for my Mama.

I guess what I'm saying is I'd give up my physical life to save an Atheists. But I wouldn't give up my spiritual life, even if it saved the whole worlds.

Late, feeno