Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Excuse me sir, but you have some dirt on your forehead

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. There are times I wish I were Catholic. Tomorrow is one of them. Although I am not Catholic me and my family usually give up something during lent. And although most of you are not Christians, have you ever thought about giving something up for the next 40 days? And if so what?

Peace out Homeslices, feeno


  1. There's only one reason to give up something for 40 days, and that is if it was something you should have never started doing.

  2. Right. Like soda pop. 40 days starting today w/the Mrs. Neither one of us needs it.

  3. I have nothing left to give up. The only thing that I could even consider is video games.... But, I use that to destress from schoolwork and work.

  4. Today feeno weighed in at a whopping 274 lbs.
    When this 40 days is over with, I will be below 250lbs.? That's my goal anyhow.

    When I was 16 years old not many things interested me. Kinda like now. But I did like being with my friends, trying to impress the ladies and dipping my Copenhagen. I still like being with my friends. Still like trying to impress the ladies, but I gave up my Copenhagen about 10 years ago for Lent.

    I was having a tough day at work. I was laying Marble in a bathroom. The walls, floors, and the counter-top. Every piece had to be cut. There were designs and inlays and all sorts of difficult problems to overcome. And the guy I was working for was being a real hard-ass and being very picky. So as I got more and more frustrated I smashed some marble with my fist and kinda disrespected God with some words I said. It was "Fat Tuesday" and the next day was gonna start Lent. So I asked God to forgive me of my attitude and told Him I'd give up dipping my beloved snuff for the next 40 days. But I think it was the Holy Spirit that prompted me to tell God I'd give it up forever. that day I had my last dip.

    I wish I wouldn't have made that deal with God, but I did and will live with it. I still wake up from dreaming about dipping. I really loved it and still miss it after all these years.

    I'm very careful how I talk to God now. And I will avoid making any more deals with Him. I really don't want to give up beer. I think I will for the next 40 days tho.

    Thanks, feeno

  5. A wonderful example of quitting something you were better off without in the first place, feeno. Glad to know you aren't going to leave us early due to mouth or throat cancer. I'm sure your family is glad there are no spit cups laying around.

    I think a decent show would be "40 days," where someone has to give up something they love for 40 days to win fabulous prizes.

  6. I know how you feel. Last summer at a Barbeque, I saw the cousin (Bobby) who, years ago, first introduced me to smokeless tobacco. I hadnt seen him in awhile and he told me he quit tobacco 3 years earlier which prompted me to quit last July as well. (I was also smoking cigerettes in the night). I gave up both and quickly gained 25 lbs.

    I plateaued at my 25 lb weight gain and am now starting to lose a couple of lbs. Hopefully I can drop a few more. Whatever the case may be, I'm not going back to tobacco. I'll fight the weight gain instead.

  7. Oh yes Geenks, those lovely spit cups, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

    Late, feeno

  8. "I think a decent show would be "40 days," where someone has to give up something they love for 40 days to win fabulous prizes."

    I would lose easily. Just tell me not to drink coke. Although I did stay over a month without any classic coke once. Ah, if drinking coke is my addiction I think I'm okay. Better than beer or cigarets. It's a way I found to relax. =)
    Just hope in 20 years they find out coke gives you cancer or something =P HAhahha. That sure would suck. ^^

  9. Feeno- I really hope that you are able to lose the weight. Make a goal, and stick with it. Begin exercising slowly. You need to do it for your family. Last I heard, obesity was now killing more people than cigarettes.


    Beer, soda, bread... Give it all up. You will feel so much better. And the snuff, well you already know.

  10. I love myself a cold Coca-cola, but when I train for long distance races I have to give up carbonated beverages entirely. I haven't had a Coke in 2 months now. But now that my race is over I can afford to be lazy. The thing is... I lost 12 pounds during training, and going back to beer and soda would put that all back on in just a matter of a couple weeks. So I'm just going to save them for rare "special" occasion. Maybe like birthdays and holidays and what not.

    I also choose to walk to work. That helps me burn extra calories when I don't have the motivation to excessive. And if your job doesn't allow a leisurely stroll, I highly recommend you find the time to fit one in. It also gives you time to think, or listen to music, or just breathe deeply and enjoy life. My wife and I love to take walks together too, and chat and laugh, and just spend time in each others company... and before you know it the calories just melt off.

  11. Not to mention that high fructose corn syrup has mercury in it. This explains so much about America... you have no idea.

  12. Ginx- so true..... I agree with you. We have our share of it here too, but not quite as bad as you guys.

  13. PS- Coke is cancer causing, bowel and stomach and esophageal. It can strip the wax off of hospital floors (true), and it can be used to unclog feeding tubes in people that have so many meds in them its like cement. So, you tell me if humans are meant to consume this?

  14. Tink, Me and my dude got stranded once in my old Ford Galaxie 500, so Gonz (my dude) went across the street, bought a bottle of Coke, poured it on the terminals to my battery and cables. Then my car started right up and we were on our way.

    But it still tastes good?

  15. I gave up giving up.

    "Never give up, never surrender!"
    -Tim Allen from the movie Galaxy Quest

  16. Tink, I am always suspicious at claims like that. Those sorts of stories get passed around all the time. This doesn't explicitly mention those things that you mentioned about Coke, but it's got some very similar ones:


  17. Well, it is hard to talk about coke.
    Let's do it like this. I've been drinking a lot of coke (classic) for several years now.
    I don't plan os stopping anytime soon (perhaps drink less).
    So far I'm not dead from it. If sh** happens, I will warn all you guys and everyone else I can. ^^
    So if I grow cancer or something it's most likely coke. muhuhu. Don't think I'd make it to the news though. It's like fighting mcdonalds. And I won't blame the company. I could have stopped and didn't if that were to happen.