Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jolly ole' St. Nick and the Big Red Machine

Let's forget about all the formalities and just jump right back into our debates. C Woods left a nice comment on our last post. She is a bright person and her blog is one of the first places I visited when I began blogging. But like many Atheists from the beginning of time they think they've come up with something Christians have never thought about. Since I learned how to use a computer, I don't think there is an argument I haven't heard a thousand times. Same with you guys.

Do you remember the kid in school that still believed in Santa Claus about 3 years after you and everybody else in your grade realized Santa was a hoax? Well after his shock has worn off he feels compelled to find every 6 year old he can and tell them about how their can't be a Santa. He's armed with a bunch information everyone else in the world already knows, but he thinks it's new and wants to flex his new found knowledge on his niece or nephew or the kindergartner down the street. That kid reminds me of Atheists.

Now that might have been demeaning, so I will apologize now(sorry). But how could anyone think my last post was?

Anyways, as Rodney King and others would ask, "Can't we all jjjust gggget along?"

The answer is yes, and we probably already do. Every day Atheists inter act with Christians. You act so pleasant and nice we cant even tell that your Godless. I can't think of one Atheist I have encountered on the internet that wouldn't turn out to be one of my close friends if they happened to live next to me. As a matter of fact, we'd be sitting in my back yard listening to the REDS games and sharing a couple cold PBR's once or twice a week.

3 cheers for C Woods, she's right about us respecting each others views, she's right about politicians and certainly speaks the Gospel on her stance about chocolate.

I'm glad to be back, missed you all.

Peace and Reese cups, feeno

Monday, May 3, 2010

hotdogs, hamburgers and hate speech, be there or be square

Do you guys feel like some Atheists must demonize Christianity to make their choice of atheism look more appealing? Does it give some of them a morale high ground? Let me tell you about a typical week in a typical Christian church and how some atheists will interpret this.

Sunday School. 9:00 am. Reading through the Bible together and discussing it.
ATHEIST: They are being brain washed.

Worship hour. 10:45 am. Sing praises to, and worship our Creator.
ATHEIST: they are just creating a atmosphere of belonging for new recruits. And trying to raise money for the Preachers new mansion.

Wednesday night. 6:00 pm. Dinner and fellowship.
ATHEIST: This is their built in networking group and underground republican election pep rally.

Wednesday night 7:00 pm. Bible study on Pharaoh's killing of the Israelite babies.
ATHEIST: Abortion clinic bombing update.

Saturday am. outreach. Pass out food, clothing or pray for any one we can.
ATHEIST: Just to add to the numbers of their church, if they can't convert them, they wont help them or really pray for them.

Saturday night 7:00 pm. Barb-b-q at feeno's
ATHEISTS: meeting to discuss how Christians are the best and that it should be legal for our Priests or Preachers to abuse kids, but gays, atheists, and abortion doctors should be ridiculed, beaten and never allowed in our churches because they are all possessed by the devil.

I am sworn to secrecy, so I can't tell you how we decode our church bulletins, but for all the Christians reading this, let me just say "the lazy dog church social has been canceled until the Pastors health improves" "we shall gather by the river" hymn # 152. c38@)^jQ9@)lkhpzc