Friday, December 4, 2009

1 Adam 12, see the man

Control to all units, we have an all points bulletin on the whereabouts of a missing Kiwi, he is presumed to be armed and dangerous, approach with caution, last seen reeking havoc on Christian web sites. His name is Gandolph, aka Gandolphski, aka G-man aka Gandyman.

Control is out.


  1. Seven-Mary-Three, Seven-Mary-Three, I have him at Hollywood and Bush.

  2. Crackle Whoooa! Control, this doesnt look too good! You better start Rampart 51 over here.

  3. JD

    If all else fails we can always call Mannix?

  4. Feeno my good friend i really do so hate to be the bearer of bad news for you, but seems that christian wave length you folks are still trying to be using is obviously just to much old as now! its outdated now and far too deluded !,Sheeze man cant?? any of you fathful lot hear all the religious squelching dribble thats causing you so much feedback on your poor little wee overloaded receivers these days.

    Seems the old system you been using is so ancient and faulty, barbaric and really f**ked up,even after thousands of years all your folks are all "still" so bloody confused about whether they actually supposed to be listning to the frequency of roman catholic ,mormon,salvation army,baptist,prodistant,JW,Branch Davidian,God Hates You! Westboro Baptist Church cuzzie bro`s, my religious homies mate religo cult group,or umpteen other mega dozens upon dozens of other crazy cultish groups of religiously insane folks who now infest this planet like flea and all read your same confusing book called the bible.

    This is radio modern earth calling the feenologist .Do you copy me, quick scuttle the decks before ya all go and drown in that silly old ancient religious superststious madness!!,and end up sinking the rest of the world along with it...And end up bloody Rodgering the whole lot of us !! over and out !

    Man i sure hope this Mannix can hopefully work some real magic!!, and learn ya`s ..Sheeze for Petes sake!!....Its only been a few thousand of years of draging society down and now its the year 2009,sure damm hope this world dont simply gotta put up with these old superstitious cave men faith type attitude forever.

    Mayday! mayday!this is modern society calling come in somebody please !,Pope feenob or JD the Mormadman can any deluded christians superstitious religious cave men using the old indoctrination bigoted type radios hear us?.Or is that about as impossible as thousands of years of past painful reminders seem to suggest it really might sadly be.

  5. "Mayday! mayday! this is modern society calling come in somebody please"!

    Sweeeeeet come back. feeno