Sunday, March 28, 2010

Drugs are great

On March 15th 2010 me and my wife celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. I didn't blog about it cause I didn't want to bore you all. And I still wont. But eventually I will show you a 3 minute and 23 second video covering our 25 years together. A girl from our church made it for me. And I surprised my wife at church when they played it during the church service the day before our anniversary.

I'm telling you that because for the last few weekends we have been trying to get away and spend a romantic weekend together. So 3 weekends ago we were ready to take off together when some friends of ours (who don't speak much English and have only a few friends) and were expecting a baby went to the hospital a month early to deliver the baby, and they asked us if we could watch their 5 year old. Which we did and were glad to do. But we picked him up on Thursday night and kept him until Monday night. Then last weekend we once again were all set for our weekend and another family situation arrived and we were forced to cancel that trip.

That leaves this past weekend. Come hell or high water I was gonna take my wife out of town and spend some time with her. Even tho I have never felt more sick in my life. I didn't tell her how bad it was and tried to play it off. But the further we drove the sicker and sicker I became. We took a 7 hour drive down the scenic back roads of Kentucky stopping in little quaint towns to walk around the little gift shops and thrift stores. For a trip that should have only taken about 3 hours. When we got to our beautiful destination a 150 acre farm in the blue grass hills of Kentucky surrounded by cows, waterfalls and a farm pond loaded with blue gill, catfish and bass and an old farm house built around 1900(?) all to ourselves, all I could do was lay down.

If I go see a Doctor something really bad is going on. A couple months ago at work I sliced my arm open. It was a U shaped cut about 8 inches long or so. I drove about 5 minutes to Walgreen's bought a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some neo-sporin. Then in the parking lot like Jason Bourne I cleaned and bandaged my wound. Stretching the skin and flesh back into place. I wrapped it in a clean clothe and duck taped it. I didn't even look at again for several days and when I did, it was all better. Except for the giant scar I now have?

So that night in our romantic setting I was up all night sounding, looking and acting as if I was gonna die. At 7:00 am my wife was up and packing and said "I'm going home". I think she was pissed at me because I don't go the Doctor? But believe me I was ready to go see a Doctor or even an emergency room somewhere. She drove home and it was pretty silent in the truck. After 9:00 am I called our family Doctor who said they couldn't see me until Monday.

I know I'm boring your socks off, but I'm almost done. So I end up finding another Doctor who said I have a sinus infection, a double ear infection and some type of congestive infection. He prescribed me some antibiotics and thank God 'cause I had a lot of biotics in me? Anyways after 2 pills yesterday and one this morning I feel much better. I'm still gonna stay home from church to rest up. And possibly make plans for next weekend?


  1. Remember, even if you start to feel better, it's important to continue taking all of the antibiotics to make sure that you knock-out whatever wa ailing you.

  2. Sounds like a big disappointment after trying so hard to get away on your trip :( Hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. Your story reminds me of when my wife and I celebrated our tenth (a long time ago). We had these grand and glorious plans all set up for a great getaway, including leaving our 8-year-old with the grandparents. The only problem was that the night before, she got VERY sick, barfing in the middle of the night. (I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when, in her sleepiness and thinking she was doing us a favor, she opened up a dresser drawer and barfed into it.) Well, so much for the grand getaway. To add to the misery, my wife ended up with the same bug the next day, the day of our tenth anniversary. It was not pretty.

    The nice thing is that, with the passage of time, we can look back on it and have a good laugh. We are still thrilled to be married every day, even if we did not get to celebrate the particular milestone as planned.

    P.S.: That was very kind of you to put off your plans to help friends in need.

  4. JD
    Thanks, I've been told that 20 times today. I'm beginning to think it's important.

    Thanks, After telling you about my plans earlier and even tho I was sick, I did remember our conversation we had. I'm glad you checked out my story. "Disjointed Thinking" was going to be a place I was gonna have to visit to explain my trip.

    Ah yes, the beauties of marriage. And raising kids. And even barf in your drawers is one of those things you wouldn't trade in. Classic.

    Good night and thanks, feeno

  5. Get well soon, Feeno. Thankfully you're still well enough to blog, right?

  6. This story sounds disturbingly familiar; I've had a few of those "best laid plans" weekend go poof during my marriage.

    Congrats on the quarter century. I've got 3 more years to hit that mark.


  7. You rock! Playing Jason Bourne with a first aid kit in a parking lot sounds tough.

    But if you were REALLY tough, you would have used fishing wire and a needle to suture the wound instead of using duct tape!

    Who needs lidocaine? Pfft! A bottle of rum is all you need to numb the pain. Of course, it impairs your ability to make straight stitches, but hey, a jagged scar looks cool.

    I'm glad I have insurance though.

  8. Hope you got well Feeno.

    "I think she was pissed at me because I don't go the Doctor? "

    Oh no ... surely not ...Duh

    Most likely much prefers saving a few dollars and ruining celebrating the 25th wedding anniversary weekend away ..right :)

  9. G

    Your right. But I'm not a cheap skate. I just ain't got the time for all the red tape. But after 25 years I'm slowly learning?

    later, feen

  10. Yeah well ...Most of us never stop learning things anyway.

    If so happens you are born Chinese,to fully learn the alphabet,these is about 5000 charactors you need to learn.

    No im picking you wouldnt likely be any cheapskate either Feeno.Im pickin you is more than likely just a little stubborn, and also hate doctor and hospital red tape and waiting rooms.Which i fully understand.

    Peace out ! and take care friend