Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some people ain't happy unless their not happy

I read a post over at DC the other day about why people leave Christianity for the greener grass of atheism. There are a lot of responses and a lot of reasons why. But one thing they all seem to have in common is that they would all be miserable if God or Christianity were absent from this world. They would have nothing to bitch about. Nothing to blame their problems on, and nothing to demonize to make their lifestyle look so caring and noble.

I claim that many if not most Atheists like it when Christians are "mean" to them. I think in a wierd way it gives them their self worth? So be careful what you wish for, if we Christians would leave you all alone, or get raptured what the hell would you do with yourselves?

Dueces Mooses, feeno


  1. I hope for the rapture, because a world without Christians would be heaven on Earth.

    Hyperbole aside, I wouldn't mind in the slightest if Christianity attained the status of ancient Greek religion. I don't think we should be burning Bibles or tearing down church's. Rather, I see Christianity as always having a place in history and mythology classrooms, not to mention the litany of lingual traces that will linger in the English language.

    What would we do with ourselves without Christians? I'm guessing we would waste less time praying, attending liturgy, and hopefully we could say "God damn" on TV again (remember the 90's, before the Bush censor Nazis got a blank check after Janet Jackson?).

  2. You shouldn't judge people based on the side of themselves they show in a blog/forum dedicated to one specific issue, Feeno. They only write on DC when they have something to say about Christianity, which is why you never see them do anything else.

    They might not like Christian bigotry and persecution, but it goes some distance toward vindicating their views toward Christianity and religion in general.

    We principally criticise Christianity mainly because it's the religion which has the greatest presence in our countries and the most effect on our lives. If it suddenly and independently lost all credibility, other religions would rush to fill the gap and atheists would be in much the same position as we are now. DC would become Debunking Islam or Debunking Judaism or Debunking Scientology or whatever was most important to them.

    If all religion suddenly lost favour worldwide and nearly everyone was an atheist, there would be no point campaigning against religion anymore or even calling ourselves atheists. It would be like an American calling himself an abolitionist today; everyone is assumed to be one, so nobody bothers to say it.

    And then the activists among us would find other causes to campaign for, and the rest of us would get on with our lives.

  3. Oh boy, don't get me started here. I could talk on and on about the Christian persecution complex. You think atheists would be miserable if they no longer got treated badly? How about those Christians that, any time they don't get their way, they throw out the persecution card? "Help! We're not allowed to publicly sponsor prayer in the schools anymore! We're being oppressed! They're going to steal our children and make them worship the devil!"

    Lol...but with that said, it's hard to even imagine what it would be like if Christianity or if all religion weren't around. Atheism would just be seen as normal. It would become like a-fairyism. No one would talk about it. It would just be implied...

  4. I'd live my life normally.
    I don't go aroung "bithcing" about christianity.
    I just feel bothered by constant lectures on how I'm going to heaven. So if all religions were to live me alone, them I would be very happy for I don't care all that much about them, as long as they leave me in peace.

  5. Geenks,
    Atheists aren't praying or going to church now. And if there weren't Christians or God, you'd just be saying "damn". Yes I was a little embarrassed myself over all of the hub-bub over Janet's nipple.

    I guess I can't disagree with you, your right, good stuff.

    I also agree with You, atheism is not normal.

    Can't say I blame you, I don't like being lectured at either.

    Thanks for the comments, feeno

  6. Oops.
    "I just feel bothered by constant lectures on how I'm NOT**** going to heaven

  7. I don't mean atheists wouldn't waste the time... I mean all those theists. The absence of Christianity would have a far greater effect on currect Christians than atheists.

  8. Hola, Popping in from Gnade's and following Ginx, as usual.

    Like you, I've wondered about the fascination atheists have with theists generally and Christians especially. As for the apostates celebrated at the site you refer to, reading their "testimonies" always seems to boil down to disappointment with some individual Christian; their hobby of attempting to prove Christianity a hoax came later on following their atheistic "epiphany."

    Really, instead of dealing with the issue, i.e. Christianity is based on the person of Jesus Christ and not an individual who professes to be a Christian, they parrot other atheists' posts with the obligatory references to the Dawkinses of the world, trying to gain approval.

    It's like sorority pledge week at Mizzou when I was in college, except the atheists are not nearly as hot as the sorority babes-in-waiting.


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  10. R. Sherman-

    I beg to differ.

    By the sounds of things you haven't really looked into things.

    It is sort of like me saying Christians are Christians only because they go to church and follow everyone else, like obedient lemnings, do what their minister, pasor, or priest says, and that they don't really know what they believe.

    Although, I'd be right, because there is statistical data to back up this claim. Granted even I admit that's not the whole story. There are well informed Christians after all. And believe you me there are even better informed Atheists.

    I invite you to my humble blog Advocatus Atheist, as I wouldn't just want you to take my word for it. Get out there, look into matters for yourself, don't just assume.

  11. Hi, Tristan.

    My comment to the host of this space was based upon my visits to a number of sites over the years, admittedly anecdotal evidence which is confined to those webjournals I read. I draw no conclusions about all skeptics.

    As for being informed, I believe I saw a comment of your at Gnade's referring to a number of recent scientific works. I acquired several and, Amazon willing, shall begin in my copious free time. I'm not as immune to inquiry as you might assume.


  12. Oh Feens ...I think you are really scraping the barrel a bit low trying to grasp at any little thread you can think of ...To help you avoid facing whats more and more becoming very obvious!,that faith is now becoming more and more ((openly)) disliked.

    People are just no longer feeling so afraid to not be honest about it Feens ...And yes DC is debunking christianity,a place were many people who happen to have had bad experiences with the "christian faith" will also be found.Do you really expect those people to be giving christians some rosy wonderful write up?....Feens so happens its DC where some HONEST personal thoughts about faith are displayed.

    If it was DI ...Most likely it would be found people there would be ex Islamists .

    Feeno said ...." But one thing they all seem to have in common is that they would all be miserable if God or Christianity were absent from this world. They would have nothing to bitch about. Nothing to blame their problems on, and nothing to demonize to make their lifestyle look so caring and noble."

    Feeno if i change a couple of your words, to make it read..."But one thing they all seem to have in common is that they would all be miserable if slaves or slavery were absent from this world. They would have nothing to bitch about. Nothing to blame their problems on, and nothing to demonize to make their lifestyle look so caring and noble.

    Would you try and tell me,you really thought about it ....And you were honestly using honesty, not mere faith blinkers and emotion based totally bigoted bias

    Feens ...Open your eyes man ...Just because luck had it things happened to pan out ok in your little wee christian church ...Dont do much AT ALL to to go far in helping prove (overall) faith is ok....Far from it Feens

    Some ciggy smokers manage to escape getting fatal cancer too,but that dont help much in proving smoking ciggys should really be seen as ok HONESTLY either,does it.

    In general (overall) in a much bigger percentage than you personally want to face....Its becoming quite obvious isnt it that faith has OBVIOUSLY had a rather detrementle effect.On much more folks than even you would care to imagine.

    Like i keep trying to tell you Feen

    The mere "idea" of salvation in some unproven afterlife ...That you gambling thoughtful? faithful folks bank so much on securing for "yourselves"

    Has been WELL PAID FOR ALREADY BY MANY "OTHERS" WHO SUFFERED for your gambling habits

    We PAID in this life,for what you folks of faith hope to gain in some unproven after life.If in the past people like you never continued promoting this stuff,many folks like me would not have had to pay for it

    Next time you feel like maybe you are one of the "persecuted" faithful talked about in your old faith book.And think "oh dear" it must be true,because thats what we are seeing .

    Take a moment to considder and HONESTLY ask yourself just how hard a prediction it really was to make! ....Do you suppose faithful folks back in days of old were really any less nasty and demanding? ...Do you really HONESTLY suppose maybe they didnt punish any folks who didnt agree to obey their faith groups rules?...Do you HONESTLY suppose maybe way back then they were not kind of full of bigotry,and a holyer that thou attitude? ...etc etc

    And before you look to your old book for answers ...Ask yourself ...Do you suppose faithful folks of old were not also prone to telling fibs and experienced at trying to think up all kinds of storys to cover their fraudulent tracks ...Like we see many folks of faith still happen to do also today

    And after this ask yourself HONESTLY ...Why in the world then would we not? expect faith to be disliked by many

    It wasnt really any big prediction was it Feens ...It was really just SIMPLY about adding 2 plus 2 and realizing it was very likely it was always gonna add up to 4

  13. That last bit should have read

    And after this ask yourself HONESTLY ...Why in the world then would we not? STILL expect faith to be disliked by many

  14. WhY is it that Isaiah 52-53 is never read in synagogues?

    The Messiah will be a born of a virgin Isaiah 7:14

    Fulfilled: Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 1:26-35

    The Messiah’s first spiritual work will be in Galilee Isaiah 9:1-7

    Fulfilled: Matthew 4:12-16

    The Messiah will make the blind see, the deaf hear, etc Isaiah 35:5-6

    Fulfilled: 11:3-6 and John 11:47

    The Messiah will be beaten, mocked, and spat upon Isaiah 50:6

    Fulfilled: Matthew 26:67 and 27:26-31

    The Messiah will be rejected Isaiah 53:3

    Fulfilled: Matthew 27:20-25; Mark 15:8-14; Luke 23:18-23; John 19:14,15

    The Messiah will be killed Isaiah 53:5-9

    Fulfilled: Matthew 27:50; Mark 15:37-39; Luke 23:46; John 19:30

    The Messiah will be silent in front of his accusers Isaiah 53:7

    Fulfilled: Matthew 26:62,63 and 27:12-14

    The Messiah will be buried with the rich Isaiah 53:9

    Fulfilled: Matthew 27:59,60; Mark 15:46; Luke 23:52,53; John 19:38-42

    The Messiah will be crucified with criminals Isaiah 53:12

    Fulfulled: Matthew 27:38; Mark 15:27; Luke 23:32,33

    The Messiah has two missionsIsaiah 61:1-3 (first mission ends at “. . . year of the LORD’s favor”)

    First mission: Luke 4:16-21; Second mission: to be fulfilled at the end of the world

    The Messiah will enter Jerusalem riding a donkey Zechariah 9:9

    Fulfilled: Matthew 21:1-11

    And on and on it goes....

    But the important thing to remeMber here is that these are all simply coincidences. And besides, there was no CCTV inside of the tomb so I reject it all out of hand.

    There, that was easy. Tomorrow I'm going to discount all of recorded history before the year 1000 A.D. by utilizing the same standard.