Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who wants to go swimming?

One critique I often hear from Atheists seems valid, at least on the surface. And that is the notion of religion being more harmful than good. I can also bet that Atheists are tired of the worn out line used by Christians that sounds a little like this: "It's not about religion, but about a relationship with the Lord".

So before I tell you "it's not about religion, but about a relationship with the Lord", let me share a story with you from the book of John. And I do tend to side with Atheists on religion and what it can do, if anything?

I will paraphrase, but you can follow along if you wish. John 5:1-15. So Jesus is walking from Galilee up to Jerusalem for a Jewish holy day. In the city there was the pool of Bethesda. It was thought if you were lame, blind, deaf or had some other disease that you could be healed just by being dipped into the pool as the water is stirred up. You can imagine that this place might be crowded with religious folks, or at least with religious sicko's all trying to get healed. But by all accounts is was a busy place. I mean even the guy Jesus ends up healing is never quick enough to get in the pool, because someone is always beating him in. Just from this story we can see that family and friends were there to help their sick acquaintances out. And the Religious rulers are close enough to get pissed at Jesus.

So here's my point: Jesus is walking around the midst of all the hustle and bustle of this show. yet Jesus is already with us, he's close to us, he can touch us, hear us and save us. Yet were more concerned with the traditions of getting healed by a religious ceremony or custom then noticing Jesus is in our midst.

So I'll will close by saying "It's not about religion but a....

Dueces, feeno


  1. L.o.L....well i sure wish ole Jebus would/could honestly do something to heal the hearing of so very many faithful folks who seem to do fuck all to change old nasty laws they voted for of religious freedoms, that ends up making many non believers lives seem a lot like hell on this earth.

    But in all honesty,i personally think faithful folk only ever hear what they wish to hear.Their relationship with Jebus is a complete fairy tale.Once the water clears personally i think we can tell faithful folks seem lame, blind, deaf as well as kinda faithfully dumb.

    They seem to think the fact many folks happen to dislike them,is some real special prediction ??

    The idea that Jebus talks to or heals people is really a total load of crap.He cant even be seen to be healing these Christians who allow nastiness to continue in the name of faith,and then think its really some miraculas prediction that ole Jebus was able to state many folks would most likely end up dislikeing christians.

    Go figure !! ....L.o.L ....How smart is are faithful followers who think they can have faiths that treat people badly,and yet think their messiah was something special in predicting they would very likely find themselves disliked.

    Its the faithful followers that provide me with the most evidence of what bullshit god faith beliefs really are.

    If Jebus is really close to faithful folks,then its become very obvious to me, he`s a uncaring thoughtless hunk of shit who dont care if his faith causes many folks pain.And i aint about to have much faith in such a being.

    Just airing my (honest thoughts) on the subject Feeno.Hopefully people being totally honest about this stuff,is still a ok thing with faithful folk ?.

    Maybe,maybe not.Maybe faithful folks would really rather us non believers said faith was great, even if we think its not.

    Do any faithful folks give a damm their religious freedom laws cause many folks harm Feeno? ...or are they still just to freaking busy taking care of their old ancient bullshit "ceremony and custom"

  2. G, w'dup yo.

    I love your honest thoughts. And I see why it gets boring around here when you haven't come by to leave them.

    Although I disagree with you on your thoughts about Jesus and Believers relationship being a fairytale, I think you'd be surprised about my lack of political concerns for the church. Having said that, is there a law somewhere that has been legislated to allow the church to make life a living hell for others?

    Your last paragraph is a great question. It is also the whole crux of this matter. Is the church here to Glorify God or elect politicians?

    BTW, Jebus lubs you, feeno

  3. The best thing i always enjoy about visiting your blog Feen, im being honest here ...Its a way i have to catch up with you.And others who visit here and like catching up with you also.

    Sadly i find if im to keep being honest about matters you happen to discuss,all to often i find i leave feeling kinda a little sad .Mostly because sometimes being honest can sometimes hurt folks that "personally" you happen to really like.

    So just know when im not around,its likely mostly due to me not wanting to hurt or offend someone who i like who unlike me, happens to have faith.

    Dang ..being no scholar im thinking did i explain that? ..while also thinking f**k !! dont say anything more! or you`ll have JD spitting tacks :)

  4. Feen...."Having said that, is there a law somewhere that has been legislated to allow the church to make life a living hell for others?"

    Does a law need to be legislated to allow others to make life a living hell for some others?.

    If we had special rights of "freedom of speed",would we need to legislate some other special law to allow some folks the chance to make some folks life a living hell? ...Or could some folks just simply choose to have faith in doing extra high speeds ,that coincedently just happened to go and kill certain people that just happened to be a little "unlucky" to be born in the wrong town.

    There was no special law that stated ...i hearby grant tobacco companys the right to give people lung cancer either.

    But unlike faith and its long standing rights to "faith freedoms" that has allowed faith to continue on hurting many folks ,tobacco companys have been held to account to some extent ...And had to change and adapt to new regulations

    Cant you see the difference Feen ?.

    About the only thing we see thats kind of the same is we dont often see tobacco companies demanding more stringent regulation either do we.Just like the faithful they dont often say nothing! about demanding better regulation, even if the same product they also sell happens to be hurting and killing to many folks elsewhere ....They are just far more concern and worried about themselves that maybe it might effect their own rights to make the same sales the way they still want

  5. Gandopolis

    Your honesty is a good thing. It only proves that your real. Not trying to impress anybody, just saying it like it is for you.

    And I can take some of your jabs. Don't feel you can't unload here. You give me hell, but always let me know it isn't personal. That says a lot about you.

    When I had lunch with our boy, I told him I didn't want him to treat me any different back in blog world.

    I also know that sometimes it's me that can say hurtful things not realizing what some people go through.

    As far as tobacco companies are concerned, they have to let people at least know that their product could cause cancer. And the same could be said about the church. Come and see, and if it ain't for you then don't smoke or go to church? I know you think the main problem is second hand smoke, or the damage that religion has caused. But smoking wasn't invented to give people cancer, and religion wasn't "started" to cause people harm. Those are just by-products of an imperfect world.

    Peace amigo, feen