Thursday, March 11, 2010

...but in humility consider others better than yourselves. (plilippians 2:3

My best friend since I was about 12 years old called me yesterday. We were actually talking about H.S. Basketball. And before I hung up I asked him how is son was doing in college. He said great, but he did say his son has 5 room mates. One a vocal Christian and another one an Atheist. He told his dad that the Christian is not a very nice fellow, while the Atheist is not only much nicer to be around but is actually a more "morale" person.

I didn't write my last post to try to gain any "praise" or "compliments" from anyone. They were noticed and appreciated, but my goal was to let you guys know, that sometimes we Christians are put in a awkward situations. We know many people don't like it when we "preach" yet we also believe we are to share the Gospel message of Christs life, death and resurrection.

So why are we Christians not Christ like? Well I'd like to say that we are many. We come from all types of backgrounds and situations. I'd also like to say that for every "mean"(?) Christian, there is one like my friend. (You can call him Tiger.)

Let me tell you just 2 quick stories about him, although there are many more. But about 20 years ago Tiger was working in a warehouse stocking ball bearings. The company he was working for decided to lay off another worker in the warehouse not named Tiger. After dude got the notice he went back to the shop extremely saddened and worried and concerned what he was to do? Before he could collect his stuff my boy Gonz (aka Tiger) went up front and quit his job. He did that because he was more concerned for dude than he was himself.

Then about 10 years ago Tiger was a stud cars salesman in town where we live. That company had just hired a minority to wash the cars. Another car washer came over to the showroom where Tiger was working and started using "hate speech" to describe the new worker. My friend went to management and said that they need to fire the old employee because of what he was saying. Management said "not to worry because that guy will get over it". Tiger said "maybe you don't understand, either he leaves or I do, because I won't work for a company who will allow some one like this working for them". Oh, they fired dude.

I work with young people, 7-12th grade usually. I have told these stories many times. I know a lot more about the Bible than my friend does. I'm in church a lot more as well. I teach Bible, I have been ordained, I even collect a little salary every week from my Church. But that's not what a Christian is. A Christian is what my friend is. (Tiger is the dude I also mention in my testimony).

Yes I know, many of you atheists don't need a god to be good like my friend. I know that. But my only answer to this question is this: Christians shouldn't act like Christians, we should act like Christ. And that's what I told Gonz to tell his son.

Peace in Mississippi, feeno


  1. Feeno!


    I left a comment here a while back, don't know if my name rings a bell? Anyhow, I have kind of followed your blog since then, although not religiously (pardon the pun!)

    You know, I still think you are a very cool dude and I wish more Christians were like you. The chance of me becoming a Christian are pretty slim. I've told my brother, who is a devout Catholic, that it would take a Saul/Paul experience to get me to evangelizing. Of course I'd have to change my name from Steve to Pteve. Yeah, weird but true. At least true enough...

    So what is up with all of this? Why is it that more Christians, at least vocal ones, aren't more like you? You know, mellow and respectful? Kind of like Tristan is as a representative of the Atheist community?

    Anyhow, I just wanted to give a shout-out to you and the other 'players' at your blog that I find this a cool place to visit where it seems that mutual respect establishes an inviting and warm foundation for friendly dialog.

    Keep up the good vibrations, Amigos!

  2. Hi Feeno...

    I believe that I have told you this before, and I will say it again. Before I solidified my atheism, I slightly held on to a very loose foundation of Christianity. Mostly out of fear. Then, when I accepted it, I became a much better and more well rounded person when I finally understood that I had complete and total responsibility for all of my actions.

    I began to vote, volunteer, and working in civil service. I became more focused on bettering my community through my actions, and began actively becoming more socially informed in many ways. I stopped relationships that I felt were unhealthy, stopped eating all junk food, drinking, smoking, and got a personal trainer. I really felt that I had made the right decision because I no longer had a "way out" with my actions, meaning that I could mumble some half assed prayer and get immediately forgiven. And, the best was that I really learned to value my relationships, and began spending more time with my parents and stuff.

    Being free of religion and any type of God idea was the best thing that I ever did for myself. I do not know. I think that if you need to help people, you should remove the evangelical part of your message and tell them what they need to hear to have a good life on their own terms.

  3. Steve "nobody cooler" Schuler

    Pteve don't sound to bad? I agree with you about T-Vick and those other players here. Thanks for checking in now and then. And of course I remembered you. Thanks.


    TB 13,

    I think you can be all of those honorable things that you are and that you mentioned yet still be a Believer.

    Also when/if I help someone it's never conditional on them listening to a "Christian speech". I would help them because I believe it's the right thing to do, but if they ask me about my faith, then I will tell them.

    Peace and hair grease, feeno

  4. Sounds like you've found yourself a damn good friend. This guy seems to know where he stands on moral issues and is able to act on his stance. That's more than most people do, that's for sure. His actions are definitely something to be respected.

    So that's all I've got to say - kudos to him. I admire anyone who is willing to stick up for the underdog, who looks out for others, and who is willing to go against the grain to do the right thing. That's what it's all about.

  5. Spot on, Feeno. That story is a nice reminder and a challenge to anyone who wants to live a credible, faithful, and consistent Christian life.

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  7. Yeah, I would stand by a guy like that, no matter what. Those are the kind of people that you protect. You are lucky to work with a guy like that, there are not many floating around. I work with a fellow atheist who is similar to this guy. He is really good to our people (most of them are very mentally ill, and have been homeless), like buys them winter coats, brings them fresh fruit when they talk about it, and treats them to pizza, etc. His brother borrowed money from his grandmother, and he did not like it because he did not pay her back. So, he pays her back a set amount each month.

    What I was suggesting Feeno is that everyone defines a good life differently. That is all.