Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fightin' Irish

Have you ever heard someone say they don't believe in God? Then tell you that if God did exists they still wouldn't want any part of Him, because he is mean and petty and allows so much evil etc. This is why it is so hard for me to break the stereotype that Atheists aren't just people who are mad at God. I don't believe in Leprechauns, but I'm also not obsessed with debunking them because they wont share their gold. I tell you why Atheists aren't mad at Leprechauns, because Leprechauns aren't real.

Can't everybody think of something God has done for them that they can be thankful for?

Shalom, feeno


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  2. Ive hears this often, and it was one of the first things, in fact the first, that fot me thinkin thst I shouldn't take the Neo-Atheists seriously when they claim this is all abourt logic and reason.

    The baic argument goes, I don't beleive God exists at all, now let me tell you what an evil Bastard he is.

    This is done for the same reason they endleslsy mull over historical attrocities commited by Christians, even if those attrocities arne't welll understood. They need us to hate God so we will be willing to reject beleif in God. By making God, or Christ, or Christianity, or hurch history unattractive and inspiring us to think in terms of hatred and revolsion wheneve they are brought up, they hope, and sometimes succeed, to create a thought pattern that renders us willing to reject Christianity and God.

    In the end it really is just about hatred of God and Christ, and a sense of moral and intellectual superiority, that drives the Neo-Atheists.

  3. I don't hate God. I'm just not convinced that he really is real. I look at the world, and I don't see proof that convinces me.

    I used to be catholic, a long time ago. I used to believe that Jesus was the son of God and that God was real. But then I started asking questions and when no answers came, I just stopped believing.

    So no, I don't hate God.

  4. I don't see the problem, really. I can say that I don't believe Santa Claus exists, but if he did, I think he'd be a pretty nice guy. That doesn't mean, though, that I actually really love Santa Claus....cause after all, I don't believe he exists.

  5. I can understand why people wouldnt want anything to do with the god often depicted in many faith books,even if he was real.You dont have to read much to often understand the reason why.

    But if you honesty believe all the god/s are just figments of mans superstitious mind (as i do),then its not really worthwhile hating some god you think only existed in peoples imaginations is it.

    I do however kinda dislike what these figments of faith have done to plenty of families by splitting and dividing etc.And even often causing frictions between different nations etc.

    Is that so unaceptable and inhumane of me?...Should i be clapping my hands for joy and dancing the two step and go ohhh goody gum drops wonderful this life that is the one and only life that we can be absolutely honestly sure we actually have,has been messed with by those who decided not only was there gods but they happened to know exactly what he wanted as well.

    Go figure!

    Feeno my friend i think you think everybodies experience of faith belief, is full of cups of tea and cream cakes :)

    Thats why you find it so hard to understand.To understand you need to look at it for real,not just from a fairytale angle

    Peace out though Fee

  6. G

    You make it hard to argue with you because from your perspective I can see that what your saying is true. But we have a ongoing circular argument here, I agree that religion in and of itself causes many of these horrible situations that you have seen with your own eyes. But religion is man made. I'm not impressed by people who are religious. (not to start this whole Mother Teresa thing again.. but) she wasn't religious. Obviously people assume she was "so" religious, But true religion in the eyes of God is taking care of the widows and orphans. So it that sense she was "religious" but not in the rules/regulations/and or guidelines one must live by kinda way.

    We should be more like MT and MT was trying to be more like Christ.

    I know this wont sound like a compliment to you, but it is meant to be one, but you have shown the patience of Job throughout our discussions, Good lookin' out, feeno

  7. Fee said..."But true religion in the eyes of God is taking care of the widows and orphans"

    Well maybe it is.

    So why f**k it all up with all the many extensive books of words and riddlers riddles of mans thoughts thats only real use is to confuse and divide folks and cause all the hate and dislike that it has?.

    We dont need these crackpot faith books with all the many different imaginations within,to do simple stuff like taking care of widows and orphans do we?.

    Hell i supposed you think some cave man needed a bible to say oh and remember to look after the late Jack flintstones children too!, now that he`s passed on after being killed by a rampaging mammoth while hunting for us.He helped us all hunt for food when he was still alive and was a great tribal member, so we wont forget his kindness.Nor will we forget that his children are part of our future.

    See Fee this is what gets me going a little,this is what makes my blood boil sometimes.It gets me going that many religious nut cases thought that "they" were the "ones" able to understand some god.Not only did they have high and almighty thoughts of their "own" knowledge they thought they could know what the gods wanted as well too,and so thats how all the divisions and nastinesses started.

    Like you said all we had to do maybe is just try to be more understanding and caring of each other.Keep it simple.

    But there was reasons this wasnt good enough...Reason was people wanted power over others...Power gained by claiming to know more and that god would likely send you to some hell for instance, if you didnt follow what the dictating faith book writer wrote....With the power came wealth and fame....Bingo! it set folks up for instance like our m8 Harv with a gaurenteed client base for selling insurance.

    Now you can take that as me having a personal problem ,or you can take it as me just being totally straight up about what i actually think its all been about.

    Patience ????? ...No im just lucky im a little mad thats all ...L.o.L ...Im a bugger for punishment

    Hey later!!hope you having a great day