Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't get sucked in

I love my city. The "Queen City", Porkopolis, or the Blue chip City, Don't know why were called that last one? I live in the 'burbs of the "Nati", Cincinnati OH. Having said that I haven't watched a Bengals game for 3 or 4 years. I just had to quit. It was addicting and made me and those around me miserable. Last week at Church half of the people who showed up were proudly wearing their Carson Palmer or Ochocinco jerseys. Then after that miserable collapse against the Bronco's you could hear the whole city yell "AH SHIT" at one time. Now then after the beat down they put on the Packers yesterday, I can't wait 'til next week at Church and see how many more Orange and Black jerseys will make an appearance. It's weird, but every time some one like me kicks the habit, 2 or 3 more gets sucked in. And all that's left after 16 nerve wracking weeks is doom and despair. Good luck to the Bengals and their fans, but I refuse to get sucked in ever again.

Peace be with you all, feeno


  1. Thanks for the comment Feeno. I watch less football these days. When I do it's usually college ball. Alot more heart and effort at that level IMHO.
    God bless

  2. You may be interested to know that it's the AFL Grand Final this weekend. For the first time, Geelong will play off against St Kilda for the premiership. In 2007 Geelong won its first premiership since 1963, and St Kilda hasn't won one since 1966. It should be a pretty close game. St Kilda has been the best team in the competition this year, and Geelong wants to atone for its loss to Hawthorn in last year's Grand Final. Go Cats.

  3. ROOOOOSSSSS Stop, don't do it, in the end "your Cat's will just let you down, and it's usually a gut wrenching 3 hours of a roller coaster of emotions. Your better off cutting your grass or washing your car?

    However I hope it's a great game and the Cat's win. I am going to go google AFL now. Later,

  4. I'm resting easy now. You may have heard that Geelong won by 12 points. It was a nail biter. I wore my Geelong scarf to church the next day. A friend of mine go to meet some of the players afterwards, and had his picture taken with the Premiership trophy.