Friday, September 4, 2009

Christianity aint for the pucker outers


  1. This is actulaly meant for the September 3td "Is The Christian Life Realkt That Tough" post, but for some reason the comment wont go through.


    The best part of studying Psycology is that you see hrough these things.

    The type of Atheists your dealing with must demonise Christianity to justify their newfound Ateism, which also gives them a sense of intellectual and even moral superiority. Also, many of them leave the Faith out of being unable to deal properly with the problems in their own lives, and often project their own feelings of inadequacy onto the Church or God, and their Atheism simply acts to make them feel better by making it somehow the real probkem in their lives. Their anger thus rests mainly in a need to shift the blame to sometignoutside of themselves, or to avoid the real problem all togather by inventign a problem external to themselves which they can beat arond.

    Of ocruse some Atheists online or off of this elk simply read the literature and are seduced by the claism of using reason and logic, and beign a freehtinker, and just adopt the whole package, still, its sold mainly on an emotional need to feel superior, and beleive itt or not the anger and hatred themselves are empowering and feel good.

    So we shoudlnt be too surprised.

  2. Ohhh ZAROVE you got it all worked out huh...Atheists or what ever name they get given ,simply just want to demonize wonderful christianity ...Christianity never do a good job of demonizing itself ...Christianity is like a little white lamb all fluffy and cuddly....It never do anything to reap what it sows

    Yeah you right though i was just unable to deal properly with the problems in my own life...I personally left the faith i was born to because it split and divided my whole family ...Split many friends lives too....Sent many to such sadness that they committed suicide ...Many!! not just a few ...And covered up sexual abuse

    Pull your head out of the sand man....Live by the rules you read a reap what you sow!!....And your beliefs all to often sowed a bad seed my friend you got the crop to harvest

    Cut the woe is me and my religion bit....those athiest just get fun demonizing us poor wee believers

    It sickens me when i think of all the folks i know and knew who suffered.

  3. Feeno my friend ...I wonder why you let folks like Zarove dribble on about how nasty non believers ALWAYS are ..How non believers supposedly got NO GOOD reason..When ive told you myself my reasons already before....And i know you know others in fact one of these supposed simply nasty non believers, you went and had a cup of tea in his own kitchen ...Remember? ...Was he only nasty ? ...Was he just simply completely evil ?.

    Why dont you help try and keep people like Zarove at least a little honest now and then ?

    And then you write blogs named ...Is christianity really that bad ... i say to you ..go figure!!

    Im sorry Fee i do honestly like you ...I dont mind trying to be fair ...But surely its got to work both ways.