Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Are Christians really that bad


  1. Not really, but as Vladimir Lenin said, you have to get people to hate the old order, and speak in revolsuon agaisnt it, to foster the sort of drive to desory it. The reason Christianity is attacked as the bloodiest and most vile religion ever to blight humanity is simply in order to make it look undesirable and to ilicit an emotional reaction agaisnt ir, causing peopel to reject it, and thus follow along with the claims made by those followign the Neo-Atheist lien of thinking, as if this was the only alternative.

    Thats also why they promote themselves with positive sterotyoes, such as beign good with and promotign Sicnece and beign dedicated to reason and logic.

    Badiclaly its all Propoganda.

  2. "This doctrine ['that the condition of man cannot be ameliorated, that what has been must ever be, and that to secure ourselves where we are we must tread with awful reverence in the footsteps of our fathers'] is the genuine fruit of the alliance between Church and State, the tenants of which finding themselves but too well in their present condition, oppose all advances which might unmask their usurpations and monopolies of honors, wealth and power, and fear every change as endangering the comforts they now hold." --Thomas Jefferson: Report for University of Virginia, 1818.