Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Do quotes actually help your position or cause to those folks on the "other" side?
I don't think they do at all. Quotes are great at articulating what you want to express, and it makes so much sense to you. But you can't figure out why the "other" side just don't get it. Quotes either reinforce what you already believe or just make you roll your eyes at the blindness of "others".

Basically I was gonna leave a quote today on this post. I found it to be quite interesting from a Christian perspective, but I got to thinking about it and asked myself: If I were an Atheist what would I get out of this quote? I'd probably just roll my eyes like I already do every time I hear "Bald is not a hair color, so Atheism can't be a religion" garble.

That's all i got. Peace be with you. feeno

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