Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Buzzards got to eat, same as worms.

The reason I started new blogs instead of a new post is because I just learned today how to do this. I thought when I started a new blog I was creating a new post? So now I may post a small thought every few days or so, now that I figured it out.

Anyways when you die does your body just become food for some other form of life? I would think some one who cares more about this world more than the next would just eat their way to oblivion so maggots and other forms of life could feast on a their fat asses longer?

Dueces, feeno

1 comment:

  1. Kick-ass title, Big Fee! So, hmmm, you're saying we all haveta perish, whether it be the highest or the lowest? Buzzard or the earthworm? You cannot be an atheist, BFd HeeHee I wanna meet YOU in Heaven!! D'uh.