Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yo, Atheist, can I pray for you?

Well, actually I already do. I just don't tell you because I don't want to offend you.
Not that you'd be offended by that? But I do respect your position, and after all, why not? God does too, that's why he gives us free-will.

If there is no God then our prayers are just words floating through space or falling to the ground? But in the small chance that God hears these prayers can I mention you to him?

dueces, feen


  1. I don't think prayer hurts. I think prayer can give hope to those who believe in it. I used to pray, back when I believed. It didn't hurt.

  2. Lordship

    Your awesome, thanks for reading all this stuff and commenting. I once wrote on another dudes blog about prayer. I basically was just saying that it's a way to show that were grateful not because we can get some special favor from God.

    Late, feeno