Sunday, March 20, 2011

That's all you got?

Atheists aren't religious and atheism is not a religion. If you don't believe me just ask one. There are also many other religions around our world besides Christianity. And of course inside the Christian faith there are many denominations.

So if an Atheist could pick a world wide view or philosophy what would they choose?

Before you answer let me warn you, people like me believe that whatever you put before God is your faith, religion or idol. It is after all what you worship? That's not a put down, if you don't believe in God it shouldn't be a problem for you to put other things ahead of Him. Besides Christians tend to put things in front of God as well.

P.S. I'm on the Youth Pastors computer at church and don't have spell check. Usually after finishing a post it is filled with words and phrases underlined in red. So please over look my grammar and spelling.



  1. "So if an Atheist could pick a world wide view or philosophy what would they choose?"

    Aroha – compassion, tenderness, sustaining love

  2. Appreciations, or my Personal Tao, are the way:

  3. Tristan, I wish you could link, but I will try again to figure this out.

    later brah

  4. Oh and Gandy, I don't need to be able to speak whatever it is New Zealand people speak to you are a great guy.

    thanx and E noho ra

  5. I reserve the right to modify this over time, of course, but at the moment my worldview is essentially metaphysical naturalism mixed with a form of secular humanism (in a broad sense of the term).

    Put simply:
    1) The only things that exist are natural things (matter, energy).
    2) Don't be an asshole.