Thursday, July 29, 2010

I hope my hand ain't in the cookie jar

Here's a question that Christians and Atheists can both answer. I guess it's hypothetical for the Atheist though? But assuming that there is a God and he does come back during your life time; What would you like to be doing at the exact time he does comes back?

Peace, feeno


  1. I guess it would depend on what affect his return is going to have on me or on my environment.
    Is he (or she, or it) going to come back and take away all of the suffering on the planet?
    Is he going to come back and fix my cracked molar? Is he going to come back and do what is described in the book of Revelations?

    Perhaps you tell us what you believe "God" is going to do when he returns, and we can tell you what we like to be doing at that moment.

  2. Praying my alarm doesn't wake me up.

  3. bobaloo, try this: what would you like to be doing when the rapture occurs?

    Can anyone tell me who all these Chinese writing people are; and what they're trying to accomplish?

    thanx, feeno

  4. Since this is a fantasy scenario:

    Gardening. Or cooking. Certainly not driving.

  5. Just to be a smart ass...

    1 - I will take care of as many babies as I can who's Christian parents were taken in the rapture. After all, Jesus is coming back for believers only, you know.

    2 - New flash feen - the rapture has already occurred.

    3 - I thought the rapture and the 2nd coming were two different events...?

    4 - I would like to be asleep, dreaming about the rapture. Wouldn't that be ironic?

    feen, honest question - do you really believe the biblical Jesus / God is going to come back and collect up all his followers? If so, can you explain why you believe that?

  6. I have no idea what the "Chinese" people are doing here. Can you block them?

  7. Genskep

    Nice response, I think I'd like to be with my peeps at a church function where food is involved?


    1st Thessalonians 4:13-18 and 1st Corinthians 15:50-54.

    P.S. My limited computer skills wont allow me stop them? But I could delete them after the fact. But they usually are nice and thoughtful so I'd feel bad to erase them. I just don't understand their motives? If I want to hear this sh#t I'll go get a fortune cookie.


  8. feeno, the Chinese people up there are called spammers. They're trying to accomplish being dirty slimeballs that piss off the rest of the Internet by linking to their own sites. (By submitting links on other sites where the links are then displayed, they can bump up their page ranking in Google so they get found more easily.)

    Anyway, what would I want to be doing when the rapture occurred? Probably hugging a Christian. I think that would have to be a strange feeling - in the middle of a hug, the person disappears into thin air.

    Either that, or I would want to be spreading a Christian person's cremated ashes. Because I've always wondered what the theological position was on how a person with no body left gets physically resurrected. Do the molecules that have spread out over thousands of miles potentially get pulled back together? I think it would settle a long-standing dilemma for theologians - although perhaps there wouldn't be any left to settle it with. (Or perhaps there would?)

  9. Certainly not driving.

    *sigh* Bumper sticker ideas are lame.

    I hope I'm not in a plane, cause we might get hit by a flying pig.

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  11. I hope that I am buying a lottery ticket. My odds are better at winning than that ever occurring.

  12. I'd probably be hanging with my Chinese friends in China... and when Jesus returns they'd all be like... "Who the hell is that?"

    I'd reply, "That's Jesus."

    Puzzled, they'd ask, "Who?"


    Yummmm! Chinese food.

  13. Here is a different twist of a question. What would you be doing now if you knew He was coming back tomorrow?

  14. The same thing that I am doing today.... Going for a run, doing laundry, and stats homework. And, hopefully, I have a lottery ticket in hand.

  15. I am not sure I understand the part about the lottery ticket, but otherwise that is a good answer.

  16. TMC-

    If I knew Jesus was coming back tomorrow then I guess that would mean I'm all-knowing?

    Then I'm God!


    Then I'd kill that sissy Christ boy all over again... so I can have all the babes.

    There can be ONLY ONE!!!