Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Go get my belt!

I leave you guys to yourself for a couple days and when I get back the house is a mess. Wait till your father gets home.

As I was reading those comments I kept asking myself; isn't there anything we can agree on? Let's start a list of all the things that Believers and Atheists can at least agree on. I'll go first... hmm, the only one I can think of is that neither side wants to claim Hitler.

What you got?

Thanks, feeno


  1. If by "Believers" you mean Christians, you're scuppered before you even consider atheists.

    There are two billion nominal Christians, and within that are minorities who question everything you might think of as a fundamental Christian tenet - even the existence of God, if you include people like John Shelby Spong.

  2. Tell you what, I'll claim Hitler if you'll claim Falwell, Hinn, Dobson, Robertson, Kennedy, Shuler, Tilton, etc, etc, etc.

    feen, I think we would agree on lots, mostly what we "know". It is what we "believe" that we tend to disagree on... especially when we think that what we believe, we actually know.

  3. Hmm, what do we agree upon....

    The earth is round! No, wait, that doesn't work...

    Black people are equal citizens! Oh right, that doesn't work either...

    The earth goes around the sun! Hmm, that doesn't work...

    How about 2+2=4? That's about all I got :P

  4. We agree to disagree. I think that's the most obvious one.

    It's likely that we all agree to varying degrees on the kindly nature of Feeno.

    We can agree that we all agree with ourselves most of the time. ;p

    I bet most of us would agree that the first "Matrix" film rocked but that the second two were lack luster.

    I dunno. I'm sure there's a lot we can come to agreement on. What we agree on however is harder to tag since we all are different.

    That's the thing with atheists though--most don't really agree on anything other than the fact that religious preconceptions of God are bunk. But other than that--we typically act like a bunch of stray cats.

    The religious cling to the affinity they feel within the institution, and more often than not, groupthink takes over. This is how creeds are formed, doctrines erected, and religious rituals and laws devised. Christians unanimously accept the Apostles Creed and the Cross as the insignia of their beliefs. Christian unanimously agree, strength through unity, cohesion via conformity, support and a sense of belonging found in the communal aspect of religious affiliation.

    Atheists tend to be lone wolves. Nipping at the heels of all the Christian sheep. We may even be known to huff and puff and blow a few chapels down from time to time... but all in good fun, naturally. ;)

  5. I can't seem to come up with anything clever that would really hold true across the board.

    Maybe someting like, "Well, I think we can all agree that we all like puppies!" But even that is probably not universally true and it's definitely not that clever.

    Anyway, I think at least most of us can agree that most of us who hang out here like each other quite a bit. Hey! I'm even starting to develop a warm spot in my heart for JD. You know, kinda like, "Can't live with him, but can't live without him..." sort of a thing.

    Everyone knows it takes all of the colors in the spectrum to make a Homo Rainbow!

    Sub-Cooler Schuler
    Doin' what I can to Keep it Lite!

  6. Fleas, make really terrible bed pals.

    Everyone agree?

  7. There you go, Gandyman!

    I think that you've come up with a very valid point on which we all can agree. NO DOUBT!