Friday, June 4, 2010

Popcorn, Twizzlers and Dancing Hotdogs

I love the Jason Bourne movies. I also like Matt Damon and most all movies he plays in. Then I hear that he is an Atheist. I don't know why I was surprised. Most of them Hollywood types are? But I guess I always thought he and his pal Ben Affleck were a couple good ole Catholic boys from Boston?

Do Atheists think less of Celebs or Athletes when or if they find out they are Christians? I mean if I were an Atheist and was a University of Florida fan, I think I would have mixed emotions? Would I love Tim Tebow for bringing national championships and very important SEC wins to my school. Or am I turned off by his overtly Christian nature? Do I root for his success or hope he fails?

Yeah, I kinda was saddened by this enlightenment. I still hope for another Jason Bourne" movie to come out, and I will pay to see it. I guess I should just enjoy the movies and leave people's beliefs (or lack there of) out of it?


P.S. When I was a kid growing up in farm country about 30 minutes from C-Bus (Columbus Ohio) there was a a Drive-Inn movie theater called "Christian free Drive-Inn". And it was totally free to watch the most popular secular movies. Of course at intermission you had to sit through a quick Christian sermon. Then after the sermon they would share the "how to get saved" speech to everyone. Then they'd ask, OK, if you just received Christ in your heart honk your horn and flash your lights. And then every single person there, would start honking their horn and flashing their lights. Whether they got "saved" or not.

I guess I'm asking, If they still had those type of Drive-Inns, would you guys go just for the free movies?

See ya later, Florida Gators, feeno


  1. My favorite musicians are all religious. Beck is even a Scientologist, which is way worse than being Christian. Everytime I buy a Beck album, I think, "How much auditing is this paying for?" But honestly, I don't know if that is any less ethical than the ones who buy drugs with their money. If you can read this, Cobain, you seriously fucked up.

    I can certainly relate to feeling let down by someone's beliefs, whether they're famous or just a friend, but I have been very lucky that it has not had any meaningful effect on how I act. I know it's nearly impossible for some people, and I imagine there are believers and unbelievers alike who think they should deny themselves something that they enjoy simply because it may be construed as some sort of implied affirmation of an opposing viewpoint. This is certainly a point where atheists cross over into becoming religious Atheists.

    If you're atheist, you really can't spend your life trying not to do things just because there is some religious influence attached to it ("Sorry, I want to go to the next hospital down the road... I don't care if I'm bleeding internally, this one is Catholic!").

    I might not go to a Christian drive-in where I have to listen to a sermon... though really, do you "have to," or is that just what pipes into the speakers/radio during the intermission? I would probably just do what I usually did during intermissions: go piss, get some food, and make-out.

  2. Geenks,

    Great minds think a like. The whole time I was writing this post I couldn't help to think about many awkward wrestling matches I had with all them crazy Catholic girls in the back seat of my 1969 Ford Galaxie 500.

    Now at my age it's one food run and about 3 pee runs. Then I could pee out the window and not get a drop on me. Today I'm lucky to pee passed my shoes. TMI, my bad


  3. "Do Atheists think less of Celebs or Athletes when or if they find out they are Christians? "

    No makes little/no difference to me.Many of our best rugby players with polynesian backgrounds, have faithful family.They pray before the game, and then go and try break a few bones of opposite team members to try to put them out of the game.This cracks me up,im like what the?? whats with this Jesus love bull?? its surface deep.Ive worked and partied with them often in my younger days, and (every single) sunday mornin they will go to church,then sunday afternoon is spent getting horribly drunk,then sunday evening ....Its a all out no bars held, brawl !.Blood and black eyes, and with a bit of luck hopefully nobody needs hospital.

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  5. Boy, if I had a nickel for every time I heard "Ow, the seatbelt is digging into my back..." I would have bail money for that time we were caught in the park after dark.

    Honestly, where are teenagers supposed to go? There is no "Lover's Lane" anymore. Our society is falling apart, I tell you! I don't understand how teenagers get pregnant these days.

  6. Okay...

    I would not go. I would rather download whatever I wanted to watch and stay home than listen to that.

    I really do not care what someone believes. To me, there is fantastic, compelling art, and there is mediocre to nonsense art- all of which have value. If the content amuses or intrigues me, I am down. If it does not, I could not care less. I always try to seperate art from artist.... but, I did go to art school when I was younger.

    Here is a great example of the contradiction of personality of artist, and insanity of the art. Sacha Baron Cohen. Movies- Bruno and Borat. Both are intelligent, satirical, political, and highly comedic, and the complete opposite of his Orthodox Jewish beliefs.

  7. Good man Feeno, you've learned to weed out Markuze.

    I'm encouraged when I learn about atheist celebrities. It's always nice to find out that people you know of agree with you about something, it's that simple.

    I'm never surprised or terribly disappointed when I find out a celebrity is Christian, on the other hand, because most people are in Western countries. The only ones who really get me down are those who support badly misguided Christian causes, like Kirk Cameron becoming Ray Comfort's puppet or Stephen Baldwin hawking Operation Straight Up.

    Honestly, the plain fact that someone is Christian says very little about that person, even about his or her religious beliefs. Few generalisations apply to two billion people. Other revelations about people can be much more informative and worrying, for instance that they're Scientologists or anti-vaccination campaigners. I was so disappointed in Jim Carrey because of the latter.

    Drive-in cinemas have all but died out in Australia. Churches could conceivably run ordinary free movie nights, but none do where I am. There is the occasional free Christian car wash though.

  8. For a free movie, I wouldn't mind sitting through a sermon. They're not going to convince me, but I like to get the freebies from sales reps.

    Speaking of freebies from sales guys, have you guys seem the episode of The Office (American version) where Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute go out to one of their former clients to deliver a gift basket, leave, follow the GPS into the lake, and soaking wet, walk back to the client's business and demand the gift basket back?


  9. Lordship

    That episode drove me crazy. Michael said "can a website deliver a gift basket"? Then they were gonna bill one client for the stuff he ate out of it and then..... your right, nevermind.