Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dinner at 3 O'clock?

I'm on Symmes Rd. today trying to get to my last stop before I can officially begin my week-end. I needed to go seal some grout and caulk a doorway. I was stuck driving about 20 miles an hour in 35 mph zone behind a little old man. A little further up the road for about 1/4 mile there is an extra lane that will give me an opportunity to pass Methuselah and go about my business. When I reach that point in the road I passed him up from the right side. As I'm passing him the ole geezer shakes his fist at me as he mouths obscenities. I think he wanted me to pull over and fight him?

First I can't believe he could even see me as he was wearing the biggest pair of sunglasses I ever saw. I took a double take to make sure he wasn't wearing a welders mask. I've seen less glass in a shower door. And second I don't think I even was driving in a rude manor. I never tailgated him, I didn't even need to speed to pass him up. Here's the thing, this has happened before, at the exact same spot and sure enough by a an old dude that could have babysat this guy years ago. What is it about old men who don't want anyone to pass them. If you ever pass an old lady they could care less, usually it's because they have no clue anyone else is even on the road. But at least they ain't red-asses.

What kinda driver pisses you off the most?

Yeah, I know Vick. You hate the van full of Nuns that drives through large crowds of people picketing for gay rights and puppy adoptions.


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  2. Lol ahh, those types of people piss me off. I also hate the people who slow down to like 1/2mph just to turn a 90 degree right turn. It's completely unnecessary and it slows everyone else down. But MOSTLY I just hate those people that are trying to change lanes while sitting at a red light, so they try to get the nose of their car in there and wedge their way meanwhile the rest of the lineup of cars can't do a thing until this guy gets into the lane.

    Aahh, who am I kidding...I just hate everyone :P

  3. I don't know about least favorite, but my favorite drivers are the ones who put up crosses for on the side of the road. I like to think those people had "Jesus is my Co-pilot" bumper stickers.

  4. My driving pet peeves list is like a mile long.

    Probably because I was taught to drive by my father, whose family was a line of mechanics, before my dad got his Law degree he helped his brother race amateur stock cars.

    So like my father before me, I sort of take driving seriously.

    Here are some common gripes:

    1) People who, waiting in a turning lane, suddenly cut in front of you on a green light cuz they can't wait for their turn.

    2) People who abruptly stop, then turn on their blinker for no reason as they cause all the traffic to swerve around them, as they make an excruciatingly slow turn.

    3) Women who try and do their hair and makeup while driving; and old men and Cell phone people who read newspapers or maps while driving.

    4) People who let their kids climb around the inside of a moving vehicle like little monkeys without regards for their safety--as if the car was a magic bubble of protection.

    5) Motor bikes who rev their motors in residential districts at 1:30 AM. Same goes for pick up trucks and hot-rodders.

    And that's just my top five.


  5. The only drivers that Really Piss Me Off are the ones that have those little Christian Fishy Thing Emblems on their cars. Drives me Nuts!!!

    Oh yeah, and those drivers that have "God is My Co-Pilot" bumper stickers. Makes my Blood Boil!!!

    And when a car has Both of them at the same time...Makes me see Red!!!!! Not just Red, but Bright Flashing Red with Black Lightning Bolts!!!

    Talk about Religious Road Rage, I got it!


  6. And one more thing that really gets to me.

    I pull up behind a car with one of those Cutesy "COEXIST" bumper stickers, you know, the ones whose script is composed of symbols from some of the world's religions. Well, that really gets me going. It's all I can do not to lay on my horn while shouting obscenities out the window and giving them a big old "California Howdy Doody Salute"!!!!

    Yup, thems the drivers that really get me stirred up!

  7. Geenks and nobody cooler schuler,
    Yeah, those "God is my co-pilot" stickers are getting a bit tired. I think the old dude that wanted to kick my ass had one?

    T-Vick said "as if the car was a magic bubble of protection". That's good.

    Jeff, I'm teaching my youngest to drive as we speak. I'm trying to teach her to speed up a little as she does make the 1/2 mph turn. Please don't honk at her.

    Also Subcoolio, I'm usually not a big bumper sticker guy but I've had the same bumper sticker on my truck for about 4-5 years. (Actually it's on the back window of my truck) I'm wondering what it would do to your blood pressure? It's the little guy that's peeing on everything kneeling down at the foot of the cross and the caption says "Lord, please forgive me for pee-ing on everything". Also I do have a Christian fish on my back liscence plate, but I wouldn't normally have it. My Mother-in-law got it for me as a birthday present (?) and I don't want to seem ungrateful.

    Ther is an old Christian song about a guy who has a "Honk if you love Jesus" bumper sticker. And one Sunday morning as he's driving to church some guy is laying on the horn behind him. He get's real pissed at starts flipping the guy off. When he get's to church parking lot and the preacher pulls in behind him, he remebers what his bumper sticker says.

    Peace multiplied, feeno

  8. Hey Dude!

    I hope it was obvious, but in case it wasn't, my comments were 100% tongue in cheek. Hopefully somebody will get a laugh, or at least crack a smile, upon reading them. Kind of like Jeff's "Aahh, who am I kidding...I just hate everyone :P". I got a laugh from that and just wanted to do my part to keep the mirth level up!

    But seriously, as you probably know by now, I'm pretty chill with most things, religious and otherwise. If something doesn't present a clear and present danger, I am probably not going to get offended or upset about it.

    Actually one of my pet-peeves on the roadways are people who drive too fast in residential neighborhoods. Doesn't happen very often where I live, so pretty much not a problem.

    I live in a wee little town in a very rural part of Oklahoma, so a lot of the stresses and strains of coping with traffic are pretty far removed from my day to day life. It's not all bad out here.


  9. L.o.L ..Thanks, i cracked rigt up at this post Feen

    What about those cool old folks who lay the aspestos clutch pads on real double thick!

    While reving the f**k out of the motor while also slipping F**k out of the clutch at the same time too ...And hardly getting nowhere?

    Dontcha just love em !! .... :)

    I so much love old folks ..I do...Specially when they still sassy as !!

  10. Steve Schuler said... "Hey Dude!

    I hope it was obvious, but in case it wasn't, my comments were 100% tongue in cheek. Hopefully somebody will get a laugh, or at least crack a smile, upon reading them"

    Oh yeah ...pffftttt ...We knows you doesnt like fishing.This is serrious stuff Sub Coolio

  11. Tail gaters! I despise them. I dream of ways to get back at them.

    I have considered putting a large spotlight in my back window and when they are on my ass at night, flipping the switch.

    The problem is, it seems like everyone except me follows at an unsafe distance.

    My girlfriend lives about 3 miles down a winding two lane road with a speed limit of 35 mph. I do the speed limit, perhaps a tad over. If I see a car in my rear view, 99% of the time, with in a few hundred yards, they will be 1-2 car lengths behind me, when they should be 4.

    I am going to try the bumper sticker - "The closer you get, the slower I go". Of course, the dolt behind me must know how to read.

  12. those "God is my co-pilot" stickers are getting a bit tired

    Yes. But St Christopher medals never wear out.

  13. Thanks JD

    There is but one true King.

    I'm glad St. Christopher found him.

    Good night, feeno

  14. Try driving in Italy. This is mild stuff in comparison.

  15. Italian drivers are nuts. Cross the streets of Rome at your own risk...